ECB(i) 1
The burden of Nineveh: The scroll of the vision of Nachum the Elqoshiy. 2 El is jealous and Yah Veh avenges; Yah Veh avenges and is a master of fury: Yah Veh avenges his tribulators and he guards for his enemies: 3 Yah Veh is slow to wrath and great in force; and in exonerating, Yah Veh exonerates not: his way is in the hurricane and in the whirling and clouds are the dust of his feet: 4 he rebukes the sea and withers and dries all the rivers: Bashan and Karmel/orchard languish; and the blossom of Lebanon languishes: 5 the mountains quake at him and the hills melt and the earth lifts at his face - yes, the world and all who settle therein. 6 Who stands at the face of his rage? And who rises in the fuming of his wrath? He pours his fury as fire and pulls down the rocks. 7 Yah Veh is good, a strength in the day of tribulation; and he knows them who seek refuge in him. 8 And with an overpassing overflowing he works a final finish of the place; and darkness pursues his enemies. 9 What fabricate you against Yah Veh? He works a final finish: tribulation rises not secondly. 10 For while they entwine as thorns, and while they carouse as carousers, they are consumed as stubble fully dry. 11 From you comes one who fabricates evil against Yah Veh - a counsellor of Beli Yaal. 12 Thus says Yah Veh: Though at shalom, and thus so many, yet thus they are shorn when he passes through. Though I humbled you, I humble you no more. 13 And now I break his yoke pole upon you, and tear away your bonds: 14 and Yah Veh misvahs concerning you, that your name is seeded no more: from the house of your elohim I cut off the sculptile and the molten: I set your tomb; for you are abased. 15 Behold, on the mountains the feet of him who evangelizes, who hearkens, Shalom! O Yah Hudah, celebrate your celebrations! Shalam your vows! for Beli Yaal adds not to pass through you; he is utterly cut off.