ECB(i) 1
The word of Yah Veh being to Michah the Moreshethiy in the days of Yah Tham, Ach Az and Yechizqi Yah sovereigns of Yah Hudah, which he sees concerning Shomeron and Yeru Shalem. 2 Hear, all you people; hearken, O earth, and all the fulness thereof: Adonay Yah Veh witnesses against you - Adonay from his holy manse. 3 For behold, Yah Veh comes from his place and descends and treads on the bamahs of the earth: 4 and the mountains melt under him and the valleys split - as wax at the face of the fire and as the waters pour down a descent: 5 all this is for the rebellion of Yaaqov and for the sins of the house of Yisra El. What is the rebellion of Yaaqov? Is it not Shomeron? And what are the bamahs of Yah Hudah? Are they not Yeru Shalem? 6 I set Shomeron as a heap of the field - as plantings of a vineyard: and I pour the stones into the valley and I expose the foundations; 7 and crush all the sculptiles and burn all the payoffs with the fire and desolate all the idols; for she gathers from the payoff of a whore and to the payoff of a whore they return: 8 for this I chop and howl; I go stripped and naked: I work a chopping as the monsters and a mourning as the daughters of the owls: 9 for her wound is incurable; for it comes to Yah Hudah: he touches to the portal of my people - to Yeru Shalem. 10 Tell it not at Gath; in weeping, weep not: in the house of Aphrah; in wallowing, wallow yourself in the dust. 11 Pass on, you settler of Shaphir, naked one of shame: the settler of Saanan goes not; in the chopping of Beth Ha Esel; he takes his standing from you. 12 For the settler of Maroth awaits good; for evil descends from Yah Veh to the portal of Yeru Shalem. 13 You, settler of Lachish, yoke the chariot to the stallion; she is the beginning of sin to the daughter of Siyon - for all the rebellions of Yisra El found in you. 14 So give presents to Moresheth Gath: the houses of Achzib are a lie to the sovereigns of Yisra El. 15 Yet I bring a successor to you, O settler of Mareshah: he comes to Adullam, the honor of Yisra El. 16 Balden yourselves and shear yourselves for the sons of your delights: enlarge your baldness as the eagle for they exile from you.