1 H1697 The word H3068 of the Lord H4318 that came to Micah H4183 the Morasthite H3117 in the days H3147 of Jotham, H271 Ahaz, H3169 and Hezekiah, H4428 kings H3063 of Judah, H2372 which he saw H8111 concerning Samaria H3389 and Jerusalem.
  2 H8085 Hear, H5971 all you people; H7181 listen, H776 O earth, H4393 and all that in it H136 is: and let the Lord H3069 God H5707 be witness H136 against you, the Lord H6944 from his holy H1964 temple.
  3 H3068 For, behold, the Lord H3318 comes forth H4725 out of his place, H3381 and will come down, H1869 and tread H1116 upon the high places H776 of the earth.
  4 H2022 And the mountains H4549 shall be molten H6010 under him, and the valleys H1234 shall be cleft, H1749 as wax H6440 before H784 the fire, H4325 and as the waters H5064 that are poured H4174 down a steep place.
  5 H6588 For the transgression H3290 of Jacob H2403 is all this, and for the sins H1004 of the house H3478 of Israel. H6588 What is the transgression H3290 of Jacob? H8111 is it not Samaria? H1116 and what are the high places H3063 of Judah? H3389 are they not Jerusalem?
  6 H7760 Therefore I will make H8111 Samaria H5856 as a heap H7704 of the field, H4302 and as plantings H3754 of a vineyard: H5064 and I will pour down H68 the stones H1516 there into the valley, H1540 and I will discover H3247 the foundations there.
  7 H6456 And all the engraved images H3807 there shall be beaten to pieces, H868 and all the hires H8313 there shall be burned H784 with the fire, H6091 and all the idols H7760 there will I lay H8077 desolate: H6908 for she gathered H868 it of the hire H2181 of a prostitute, H7725 and they shall return H868 to the hire H2181 of a prostitute.
  8 H5594 Therefore I will wail H3213 and howl, H3212 I will go H7758 stripped H6174 and naked: H6213 I will make H4553 a wailing H8577 like the dragons, H60 and mourning H1323 as the owls.
  9 H4347 For her wound H605 is incurable; H935 for it is come H3063 unto Judah; H5060 he is come H8179 unto the gate H5971 of my people, H3389 even to Jerusalem.
  10 H5046 Declare H1661 you it not at Gath, H1058 weep H1058 you not at all: H1036 in the house of Aphrah H6428 roll H6083 yourself in the dust.
  11 H5674 Pass you away, H3427 you inhabitant H8208 of Saphir, H1322 having your shame H6181 naked: H3427 the inhabitant H6630 of Zaanan H3318 came not forth H4553 in the mourning H1018 of Beth–ezel; H3947 he shall receive H5979 of you his standing.
  12 H3427 For the inhabitant H4796 of Maroth H2342 waited carefully H2896 for good: H7451 but evil H3381 came down H3068 from the Lord H8179 unto the gate H3389 of Jerusalem.
  13 H3427 O you inhabitant H3923 of Lachish, H7573 bind H4818 the chariot H7409 to the swift animal: H7225 she is the beginning H2403 of the sin H1323 to the daughter H6726 of Zion: H6588 for the transgressions H3478 of Israel H4672 were found in you.
  14 H5414 Therefore shall you give H7964 presents H4182 to Moresheth–gath: H1004 the houses H392 of Achzib H391 shall be a lie H4428 to the kings H3478 of Israel.
  15 H935 Yet will I bring H3423 a heir H3427 unto you, O inhabitant H4762 of Mareshah: H935 he shall come H5725 unto Adullam H3519 the glory H3478 of Israel.
  16 H7139 Make you bald, H1494 and poll H8588 yourself for your delicate H1121 sons; H7337 enlarge H7144 your baldness H5404 as the eagle; H1540 for they are gone into captivity from you.