Great(i) 1 Thys is the worde of the Lorde, that came vnto Micheas the Morastite, in the dayes of Iothan Ahas and Iehezekiah kynges of Iuda: whych was shewed hym vpon Samaria & Ierusalem. 2 Heare al ye people, marcke this well O earth and all that therin is. Yee, the Lorde God hym selfe be wytnesse amonge you euen the Lord from his holy temple. 3 For why? beholde, the Lorde shall go out of his place, & come downe, & treade vpon the hye thynges of the earth. 4 The mountaynes shall consume vnder him, & the valleyes shal cleue asunder: lyke as waxe consumeth at the fyre, & as the waters runne downwarde. 5 And all thys shalbe for the wyckednesse of Iacob. and the synnes of the house of Israel. But what is the wyckednesse of Iacob? Is not Samaria? Whych are the hye places of Iuda? Is not Ierusalem? 6 Therfore I shall make Samaria an heape of stones in the felde, to laye aboute the vyneyarde: her stones shall I cast into the valley, and discouer her foundacyons. 7 All her Images shall be broken downe & all her garmentes shall be brent in the fyre: yee, all her Idols will I destroye: for why? they are gathered out of the hyre of an whore, & into an whores hyre shall they be turned agayne. 8 Wherfore I will mourne & make lamentacion, bare & naked will I go: I must mourne lyke the dragons, and take sorowe as the Estriches: 9 for theyr wounde is past remedy: And why? it is come into Iuda, & hath touched the porte of my people at Ierusalem alredy. 10 Wepe not, lest they at Geth perceaue it. Thou at Bataphra, welter thy selfe in the dust & asshes. 11 Thou that dwellest at Sephyr, get the hence with shame. The proude shall boost nomore for very sorowe: and why? her neyghboure shal take from her what she hath 12 The rebellyous cytie hopeth, that it shall not be so euell: but for all that, the plage shall come from the Lorde, euen into the porte of Ierusalem, 13 The greate noyse of the charettes shall feare them, that dwell at Lachys, which is an occasyon of the synne of the daughter of Syon, for in the came vp the wyckednesses of Israel. 14 Yee, she sent her coursers into the lande of Geth. The houses of lyes will dysceaue the kynges of Israel. 15 And as for the (O thou that dwellest at Morassa) I shal bring a possessioner vpon the, & the plage of Israel shal reach vnto Odolla. 16 Make the balde, & shaue the, because of thy tender chyldren: Make the cleane balde as an Aegle, for they shalbe caryed awaye captiue from the.