Great(i) 1 The worde of the Lorde came vnto Ionas the sonne of Amythay saying: 2 Aryse, & get the to Niniue that greate cyte: and preache vnto them, how that theyr wyckednes is come vp before me. 3 And Ionas made him ready to fle vnto Tharsis from the presence of the Lorde, and gat hym downe to Ioppa: where he founde a shyp ready for to go vnto Tharsis. So he payde hys fare, and wente aborde, that he myght go with them vnto Tharsis, from the presence of the Lorde. 4 But the Lorde hurled a greate wynde into the see, and there was a myghtye tempest in the see: so that the shyppe was in ieoperdy of goynge in peces. 5 Then the maryners were afrayde, and cryed euery man vnto his God: and the goodes that were in the shyppe, they cast into the see, to lyghten it of them. But Ionas gatt hym vnder the hatches, where he layed him downe & slombred. 6 So the master of the shyppe came to him and sayde vnto him: why slomberest thou? Up, call vpon thy God: yf God (happely) wyll thynke vpon vs, that we perysh not. 7 And they sayde one to another: come, let vs cast lottes: that we maye knowe, for whose cause we are thus troubled. And so they cast lottes, and the lot fell vpon Ionas. 8 Then sayd they vnto him: tel vs, for whose cause are we thus troubled? what is thyne occupacyon? whence commest thou? what countre man art thou, and of what nacion? 9 He answered them: I am an Ebrue, and I feare the Lorde God of heauen, whych made both the see, & drye lande. 10 Then were the men exceadyngly afrayed & sayde vnto hym: why dydest thou so? (for they knewe, that he was fled from the presence of the Lorde, because he had tolde them) 11 & sayd moreouer vnto him: What shall we do vnto the, that the see maye ceasse from troublynge vs? (for the see wrought and was troublous) 12 he answered them: Take me, and cast me into the see, so shall it lett you be in rest: for I wote, it is for my sake, that this great tempeste is come vpon you. 13 Neuerthelesse, the men assayed wyth rowynge, to brynge the shyppe to lande: but it wolde not be, because the see wrought so: & was so troublous agaynst them. 14 Wherfore they cryed vnto the Lord, & sayde: O Lord let vs not perysh for thys mans death, nether laye thou innocent bloude vnto our charge: for thou, O Lord, hast done, euen as thy pleasure was. 15 So they toke Ionas, and cast hym into the see, and the see lefte ragynge, 16 And the men feared the Lorde exceadyngly, doyng sacryfyces and makinge vowes vnto the Lorde. 17 (