CLV(i) 1 And coming is the word of Yahweh to Jonah, son of Amittai, saying:" 2 Rise! Go to Nineveh, the great city, and call out against it, for the cry of their evil ascends before Me." 3 Yet Jonah is rising to run away to Tharshish from before Yahweh, and is going down to Joppa. And he is finding a ship coming in for Tharshish. And he is giving its fare, and is going down into it to come with them to Tharshish, away from before Yahweh." 4 Then Yahweh casts forth a great wind to the sea, and a great tempest is coming on the sea, and the ship reckons to be broken." 5 And the mariners are fearing, and they are crying out, each man to his elohim. And they are casting forth the gear, which is in the ship, into the sea, to be lightened of them. And Jonah descended into the recesses of the lower deck, and he is lying down, and is stupefied." 6 Yet the navigator is coming near to him, and is saying to him, What is it to you, stupefied one! Rise! Call to your Elohim! Perhaps the Elohim will reconsider as to us, and we will not perish." 7 And they are saying, each man to his associate, Go, and let us cast lots that we may know on whose account this evil is with us. So they are casting lots, and the lot is falling on Jonah." 8 Then they are saying to him, Tell us, pray, on whose account is this evil with us? What is your work, and whence are you coming? What is your land, and where, from which people are you? 9 And he is saying to them, a Hebrew am I, and I fear Yahweh, the Elohim of the heavens, Who made the sea and the dry land." 10 Then the men are fearing with great fear, and they are saying to him, What is this you have done? For the men know that from before Yahweh is he running away, for he had told them." 11 And they are saying to him, What shall we do to you that the sea will be calm for us? For the sea is running and tempestuous." 12 And Jonah is saying to them, Lift me up and cast me forth into the sea, and the sea will be calm for you, for I am knowing that it is on my account that this great tempest is coming on you." 13 Yet the men are tugging hard to turn back to the dry land, yet they cannot, for the sea is running and tempestuous against them." 14 Then they are calling to Yahweh and saying, Oh Yahweh, pray, we must not perish for the soul of this man. And You must not lay on us innocent blood, for You, Yahweh, just as You incline, You do." 15 And they are lifting Jonah and casting him forth into the sea. And the sea is standing still from its turbulence. 16 And the men are fearing Yahweh with great fear, and they are sacrificing a sacrifice to Yahweh, and they are vowing vows." 17 And Yahweh is assigning a great fish to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah is coming to be in the bowels of the fish three days and three nights.