Tyndale(i) 1 The worde of the lorde came vn to the prophete Ionas ye sonne of Amithai sayenge: 2 ryse and gett the to Niniue that greate citie and preach vn to the how that theyr wekednesse is come vpp before me. 3 And Ionas made hi ready to fle to Tharsis fro the presens of ye lorde and gatt hym downe to Ioppe and founde there a sheppe ready to goo to Tharsis and payed his fare and wet aborde to goo with them to Tharsis fro the presens of the lorde. 4 But ye lorde hurled a greate winde in to ye se so that there was a myghtie tepest in the se: in so moch yt the shepp was lyke to goo in peces. 5 And the mariners were afrayed and cried euery man vn to his god and cast out ye goodes yt were in ye sheppe in to ye se to lighten it of the. But Ionas gatt him vnder the hatches and layed him downe and slombrede. 6 And ye master of the sheppe came to him and sayd vn to hi why slomberest thou? vpp and call vn to thy god that God maye thinke on vs that we perish not. 7 And they sayde one to a nother come and lett vs cast lottes to know for whose cause we are thus troublede. And they cast lottes. And ye lott fell vppon Ionas. 8 The they said vnto hi tel vs for whose cause we are thus trowbled: what is thine occupacio whence comest thou how is thy cotre called and of what nacion art thou? 9 And he answered the I am an Ebrue: and the lord God of heuen which made both se and drie land I feare. 10 Then were the men exceadingly afrayd and sayd vn to him why diddest thou so? For they knew that he was fled from the presens of the lorde because he had told them. 11 Then they sayd vn to hym what shall we doo vnto the that the se maye cease fro trowblinge vs? For the se wrought and was trowblous. 12 And he answered them take me and cast me in to the se and so shall it lett you be in reste: for I wotte it is for my sake that this greate tempest is come vppon you. 13 Neuerthelesse the men assayed wyth rowenge to bringe the sheppe to lande: but it wold not be because the se so wrought and was so trowblous agenst them. 14 Wherefore they cried vn to the lorde and sayd: O lorde latt vs not perih for this mans deeth nether laye innocet bloud vn to oure charge: for thou lorde even as thy pleasure was so thou hast done. 15 And the they toke Ionas and cast hi in to ye se and the se lefte ragynge. 16 And ye men feared the lorde excedingly: and sacrificed sacrififice vn to the lorde: and vowed vowes. 17 Bvt ye lorde prepared a greate fyshe to swalow vp Ionas. And so was Ionas in ye bowels of ye fish .iij. dayes and .iij. nightes.