Thomson(i) 1 The sentence on Ninive. The book of the vision of Nahum, the Elkosite. 2 God is zealous. The Lord is about to take vengeance: the Lord is about to take vengeance with wrath: the Lord is about to take vengeance on his adversaries, and to destroy utterly his enemies, himself. 3 [a] The Lord is slow to anger, though his power is great; will not the Lord then acquit the innocent? Is his way in destruction and whirlwind, when clouds are the dust of his feet? [[a] An objection, [b] The answer] 4 When he rebuketh the sea he maketh it dry, and drieth up all the rivers. Bashan and Carmel are diminished and the bloom of Libanus languished. 5 At him the mountains quake and the hills tremble; at his presence the earth is startled; the World and all its inhabitants. 6 At the presence of his wrath who can stand, or who can resist his fierce indignation? His wrath dissolveth governments, and by him the rocks are rent to pieces. 7 [b] The Lord is kind to them who wait for him in a day of distress: and he knoweth them who reverence him. 8 When with a deluging march he maketh destruction; them who raise themselves up and are his enemies, darkness shall pursue. 9 What are you devising against the Lord? He will make complete destruction, and not punish twice by distress for the same thing. 10 Because one shall be utterly destroyed, and consumed like bindweed and dry stubble; 11 shall a reasoning against the Lord proceed from thee; wicked city, devising2 things in opposition? 12 Thus saith the Lord, With respect to the ruler of many waters! they shall be so dispersed, that what thou hearest shall be heard no more. 13 I will now break his sceptre from thee, and burst the bands asunder. 14 Concerning thee the Lord will command, let none of thy name be sown any more. From the house of thy God I will root out the graven and molten images;" I will make it a sepulchre for thee." 15 [p] Because yonder on the mountain are the swift feet of one bringing good news: even of one announcing peace; O Juda, solemnize thy festivals; pay thy vows; for they shall no more proceed to pass through thee for conflict. It is completely laid waste, entirely removed.