CLV(i) 1 The load which Habakkuk the prophet perceived. 2 Till when, Yahweh, do I implore, and You are not hearkening! I am crying out to You of violence, and You are not saving!" 3 Why are You showing me lawlessness? And at toil are You looking, and devastation and violence are in front of me, and contention is coming to be, and quarreling am I bearing? 4 Therefore the law is torpid, and judgment is not faring forth permanently, for the wicked one is compassing about the righteous one; therefore tortuous judgment is faring forth." 5 See, despisers, and look, and be utterly amazed, for I contrive a contrivance in your days you will not believe though it were being related." 6 For, behold Me raising the Chaldeans, the bitter and hasty nation, going the widths of the earth to tenant tabernacles not his own." 7 Dreadful and fearful is he! His judgment and his dignity are faring forth from him. 8 His horses are fleeter than leopards and sharper than evening wolves, and his horsemen are diffused; and his horsemen will come from far. They will fly as a vulture that hurries to eat." 9 All of them will come for violence. The endeavor of their faces is toward the east; and they shall gather the captives as sand. 10 And he will scoff at kings, and chancellors will be sport to him; he will sport with every fortress and pile up soil and seize it." 11 Then he will pass on as a wind, and he shall trespass and be guilty. This, his vigor, becomes his eloah." 12 Are You not from aforetime, Yahweh? My Eloah, my Holy One, You shalt not die. Yahweh, for judgment do You place him, and, O Rock, for correction, You do found him." 13 You are of cleaner eyes than to see evil, and to look at toil You are not able. Why are You looking at the treacherous, are silent when the wicked swallow one up more righteous than he? 14 And You are making humanity as fish of the sea, as the moving animal with no ruler over it." 15 All of them he brings up with a fishhook; he is impounding them in his seine net and is gathering them in his dragnet, therefore his heart is rejoicing and exulting." 16 Therefore he is sacrificing to his seine net and is fuming incense to his dragnet, for his portion is stout by them, and his food plump." 17 Will he therefore empty his seine net, and not spare to kill the nations continually?