H1277 בּריא - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H1254 (in the sense of H1262): fatted or plump

KJV Usage: fat ([fleshed], -ter), fed, firm, plenteous, rank.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. fat
2. (TWOT) fat, fatter, fed, firm, plenteous, rank
Origin: from H1254 (in the sense of H1262)
TWOT: 279a
Parts of Speech: Adjective

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13 occurrences of H1277 בּריא

Genesis 41:2
Genesis 41:4
Genesis 41:5
Genesis 41:7
Genesis 41:18
Genesis 41:20
Judges 3:17
1 Kings 4:23
Psalms 73:4
Ezekiel 34:3
Daniel 1:15
Habakkuk 1:16
Zechariah 11:16

Corresponding Greek Words

bari G791 asteios
bari G1588 ek lektos
bari G2478 ischuros