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Zechariah 11:16 (KJV_Strongs)
  16 H6965 For, lo, I will raise up [H8688]   H7462 a shepherd [H8802]   H776 in the land H6485 , which shall not visit [H8799]   H3582 those that be cut off [H8737]   H1245 , neither shall seek [H8762]   H5289 the young one H7495 , nor heal [H8762]   H7665 that that is broken [H8737]   H3557 , nor feed [H8770]   H5324 that that standeth [H8737]   H398 still: but he shall eat [H8799]   H1320 the flesh H1277 of the fat H6561 , and tear H6541 their claws H6561 in pieces [H8762]  .
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