H2889 טהר טהור - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

טהר טהור
ṭâhôr ṭâhôr
haw-hore', taw-hore'
From H2891; pure (in a physical, chemical, ceremonial or moral sense)

KJV Usage: clean, fair, pure (-ness).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


טהר טהור

1. pure, clean
a. clean (ceremonially - of animals)
b. pure (physically)
c. pure, clean (morally, ethically)
Origin: from H2891
TWOT: 792d
Parts of Speech: Adjective

1) pure, clean
1a) clean (ceremonially-of animals)
1b) pure (physically)
1c) pure, clean (morally, ethically)

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First 30 of 94 occurrences of H2889 טהר טהור

Genesis 7:2 Of every clean
Genesis 7:2 that are not clean
Genesis 7:8 Of clean
Genesis 7:8 that are not clean,
Genesis 8:20 of every clean
Genesis 8:20 and of every clean
Exodus 25:11 it with pure
Exodus 25:17 of pure
Exodus 25:24 it with pure
Exodus 25:29 of pure
Exodus 25:31 of pure
Exodus 25:36 of pure
Exodus 25:38 shall be of pure
Exodus 25:39 of pure
Exodus 28:14 of pure
Exodus 28:22 of pure
Exodus 28:36 of pure
Exodus 30:3 it with pure
Exodus 30:35 together, pure
Exodus 31:8 and the pure
Exodus 37:2 it with pure
Exodus 37:6 of pure
Exodus 37:11 it with pure
Exodus 37:16 of pure
Exodus 37:17 of pure
Exodus 37:22 of pure
Exodus 37:23 of pure
Exodus 37:24 of pure
Exodus 37:26 it with pure
Exodus 37:29 and the pure

Distinct usage

15 of pure
7 it with pure
4 And the clean
3 in a clean
3 he is clean.
3 a clean
2 Of every clean
2 of pure
2 and the pure
2 to a clean
2 and the clean,
2 yet is he clean.
2 upon the pure
2 with pure
1 that are not clean
1 and of every clean
1 shall be of pure
1 together, pure
1 The pure
1 all that shall be clean
1 and clean;
1 it shall be clean.
1 he is clean:
1 and clean,
1 it is clean:
1 upon him that is clean;
1 but is clean;
1 shall be thine; every one that is clean
1 Of all clean
1 But of all clean
1 that is not clean
1 clean;
1 surely he is not clean.
1 Also pure
1 also they set in order upon the pure
1 for every one that was not clean,
1 all of them were pure,
1 are pure
1 is clean,
1 in me a clean
1 but the words of the pure
1 pureness
1 that are pure
1 and to the clean,
1 clean
1 and the clean.
1 shall be clean:
1 that is clean
1 that is clean,
1 every one that is clean
1 and a pure
1 Of clean
1 that are not clean,
1 between clean
1 and clean:
1 And a clean
1 Thou art of purer

Corresponding Greek Words

tahor G39 hagios
tahor G53 hagnos
tahor G1342 dikaios
tahor G1384 dokimos
tahor G2513 katharos
tahor G3741 hosios

Related words

H2889 טהר טהור

H2891 טהר ṭâhêr

A primitive root; properly to be bright; that is, (by implication) to be pure (physically sound, clear, unadulterated; Levitically uncontaminated; morally innocent or holy)

KJV Usage: be (make, make self, pronounce) clean, cleanse (self), purge, purify (-ier, self).

H2890 טהור ṭe hôr
e hôr
From H2891; purity

KJV Usage: pureness.

H2892 טהר ṭôhar
From H2891; literally brightness; ceremonially purification

KJV Usage: clearness, glory, purifying.