2 Samuel

  1 H1961 Now it came H310 to pass after H4194 the death H7586 of Saul, H1732 when David H7725 was returned H5221 from the slaughter H6003 of the Amalekites, H1732 and David H3427 had stayed H8147 two H3117 days H6860 in Ziklag;
  2 H1961 It came H7992 even to pass on the third H3117 day, H2009 that, behold, H376 a man H935 came H4264 out of the camp H7586 from Saul H899 with his clothes H7167 rent, H127 and earth H7218 on his head: H935 and so it was, when he came H1732 to David, H5307 that he fell H776 to the earth, H7812 and did obeisance.
  3 H1732 And David H559 said H335 to him, From where H2088 H935 come H559 you? And he said H4264 to him, Out of the camp H3478 of Israel H4422 am I escaped.
  4 H1732 And David H559 said H4100 to him, How H1961 went H1697 the matter? H4994 I pray H5046 you, tell H559 me. And he answered, H5971 That the people H5127 are fled H4421 from the battle, H7235 and many H5971 of the people H1571 also H5307 are fallen H4191 and dead; H7586 and Saul H3083 and Jonathan H1121 his son H4191 are dead H1571 also.
  5 H1732 And David H559 said H5288 to the young H5046 man that told H349 him, How H3045 know H7586 you that Saul H3083 and Jonathan H1121 his son H4191 be dead?
  6 H5288 And the young H5046 man that told H559 him said, H7136 As I happened H7122 by chance H2022 on mount H1533 Gilboa, H2009 behold, H7586 Saul H8172 leaned H2595 on his spear; H2009 and, see, H7393 the chariots H1167 and horsemen H6571 H1692 followed H1692 hard after him.
  7 H6437 And when he looked H310 behind H7200 him, he saw H7121 me, and called H559 to me. And I answered, H2009 Here am I.
  8 H559 And he said H4310 to me, Who H559 are you? And I answered H6003 him, I am an Amalekite.
  9 H559 He said H5975 to me again, Stand, H4994 I pray H4191 you, on me, and slay H7661 me: for anguish H270 is come H3588 on me, because H5315 my life H5750 is yet H3605 whole in me.
  10 H5975 So I stood H4191 on him, and slew H3588 him, because H3045 I was sure H2421 that he could not live H310 after H5307 that he was fallen: H3947 and I took H5145 the crown H7218 that was on his head, H685 and the bracelet H5921 that was on H2220 his arm, H935 and have brought H113 them here to my lord.
  11 H1732 Then David H2388 took hold H899 on his clothes, H7167 and rent H1571 them; and likewise H3605 all H582 the men that were with him:
  12 H5594 And they mourned, H1058 and wept, H6684 and fasted H5704 until H6153 even, H7586 for Saul, H3083 and for Jonathan H1121 his son, H5971 and for the people H3068 of the LORD, H1004 and for the house H3478 of Israel; H3588 because H5307 they were fallen H2719 by the sword.
  13 H1732 And David H559 said H5288 to the young H5046 man that told H335 him, From where H2088 H559 are you? And he answered, H1121 I am the son H376 of a stranger, H1616 H6003 an Amalekite.
  14 H1732 And David H559 said H349 to him, How H3372 were you not afraid H7971 to stretch H3027 forth your hand H7843 to destroy H3068 the LORD’s H4899 anointed?
  15 H1732 And David H7121 called H259 one H5288 of the young H559 men, and said, H5066 Go H5066 near, H6293 and fall H5221 on him. And he smote H4191 him that he died.
  16 H1732 And David H559 said H1818 to him, Your blood H7218 be on your head; H6310 for your mouth H6030 has testified H559 against you, saying, H4191 I have slain H3068 the LORD’s H4899 anointed.
  17 H1732 And David H6969 lamented H2063 with this H7015 lamentation H5921 over H7586 Saul H5921 and over H3083 Jonathan H1121 his son:
  18 H559 (Also he bade H3925 them teach H1121 the children H3063 of Judah H7198 the use of the bow: H2009 behold, H3789 it is written H5612 in the book H3477 of Jasher.)
  19 H6643 The beauty H3478 of Israel H2491 is slain H1116 on your high H349 places: how H1368 are the mighty H5307 fallen!
  20 H5046 Tell H1661 it not in Gath, H1319 publish H2351 it not in the streets H831 of Askelon; H6435 lest H1323 the daughters H6430 of the Philistines H8055 rejoice, H6435 lest H1323 the daughters H6189 of the uncircumcised H5937 triumph.
  21 H2022 You mountains H1533 of Gilboa, H408 let there be no H2919 dew, H408 neither H4306 let there be rain, H7704 on you, nor fields H8641 of offerings: H8033 for there H4043 the shield H1368 of the mighty H1602 is vilely H1602 cast H4043 away, the shield H7586 of Saul, H4899 as though he had not been anointed H8081 with oil.
  22 H1818 From the blood H2491 of the slain, H2459 from the fat H1368 of the mighty, H7198 the bow H3083 of Jonathan H7734 turned H268 not back, H2719 and the sword H7586 of Saul H7725 returned H7387 not empty.
  23 H7586 Saul H3083 and Jonathan H157 were lovely H5273 and pleasant H2416 in their lives, H4194 and in their death H6504 they were not divided: H7043 they were swifter H5404 than eagles, H1396 they were stronger H738 than lions.
  24 H1323 You daughters H3478 of Israel, H1058 weep H413 over H7586 Saul, H3847 who clothed H8144 you in scarlet, H5730 with other delights, H5927 who put H5716 on ornaments H2091 of gold H3830 on your apparel.
  25 H349 How H1368 are the mighty H5307 fallen H8432 in the middle H4421 of the battle! H3083 O Jonathan, H2491 you were slain H1116 in your high places.
  26 H6887 I am distressed H251 for you, my brother H3083 Jonathan: H3966 very H5276 pleasant H160 have you been to me: your love H6381 to me was wonderful, H160 passing the love H802 of women.
  27 H349 How H1368 are the mighty H5307 fallen, H3627 and the weapons H4421 of war H6 perished!