H5730 עדנה עדן - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

עדנה עדן
‛êden ‛ednâh
ay'-den, ed-naw'
From H5727; pleasure

KJV Usage: delicate, delight, pleasure. See also H1040.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

עדנה עדן

1. luxury, dainty, delight, finery
2. delight
Origin: from H5727
TWOT: 1567a
Parts of Speech: Noun

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4 occurrences of H5730 עדנה עדן

Genesis 18:12 shall I have pleasure,
2 Samuel 1:24 with other delights,
Psalms 36:8 of thy pleasures.
Jeremiah 51:34 with my delicacies,

Distinct usage

1 shall I have pleasure,
1 with other delights,
1 of thy pleasures.
1 with my delicacies,

Corresponding Greek Words

maadannot G1199 desmos *