H349 איככה איכה איך - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

איככה איכה איך
'êyk 'êykâh 'êykâkâh
ake, ay-kaw', ay-kaw'-kah
Prolonged from H335; how ? or how!; also where

KJV Usage: how, what.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

איככה איכה איך
interrog adv
1. how? interj
2. how! (in lamentation)
3. expression of satisfaction
Origin: prolonged from H335
TWOT: 75
Parts of Speech:

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8 occurrences of H349 איככה איכה איך

Genesis 44:34
Deuteronomy 1:12
Deuteronomy 7:17
Judges 16:15
2 Chronicles 10:6
Esther 8:6
Song of Songs 1:7
Song of Songs 5:3

Corresponding Greek Words

ekh G5101 tis