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Judges 19:3 (new)
  3 H9001 And H9024 her H376 husband H6965 [H8799] arose, H9001 and H3212 [H8799] went H310 after H9034 her, H9005 to H1696 [H8763] speak H5921 to H9024 her H3820 heart, H7725 [H8687] and to bring her again, H9023 having his H5288 servant H5973 with H9033 him, H9002 and H6776 a couple H2543 of donkeys: H9001 and H935 [H8686] she brought H9033 him H9024 into her H1 father's H1004 house: H9001 and H1 when the father H9009 of the H5291 damsel H7200 [H8799] saw H9033 him, H9001 he H8055 [H8799] rejoiced H9005 to H7125 [H8800] meet H9033 him.