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2 Chronicles 33:14 (KJV_Strongs)
  14 H310 Now after this H1129 he built [H8804]   H2346 a wall H2435 without H5892 the city H1732 of David H4628 , on the west side H1521 of Gihon H5158 , in the valley H935 , even to the entering in [H8800]   H1709 at the fish H8179 gate H5437 , and compassed [H8804]   H6077 about Ophel H1361 , and raised it up [H8686]   H3966 a very great height H7760 , and put [H8799]   H8269 captains H2428 of war H1219 in all the fenced [H8803]   H5892 cities H3063 of Judah.
Nehemiah 9:25 (KJV_Strongs)
  25 H3920 And they took [H8799]   H1219 strong [H8803]   H5892 cities H8082 , and a fat H127 land H3423 , and possessed [H8799]   H1004 houses H4392 full H2898 of all goods H953 , wells H2672 digged [H8803]   H3754 , vineyards H2132 , and oliveyards H3978 , and fruit H6086 trees H7230 in abundance H398 : so they did eat [H8799]   H7646 , and were filled [H8799]   H8080 , and became fat [H8686]   H5727 , and delighted [H8691]   H1419 themselves in thy great H2898 goodness.