Deuteronomy 22

  1 H7200 You shall not see H251 your brother's H7794 ox H7716 or his sheep H5080 go astray, H5956 and hide H7725 yourself from them: you shall in any case H7725 bring them again H251 unto your brother.
  2 H251 And if your brother H7138 be not near H3045 unto you, or if you know H622 him not, then you shall bring H8432 it unto H1004 your own house, H251 and it shall be with you until your brother H1875 seek H7725 after it, and you shall restore it to him again.
  3 H3651 In like manner H6213 shall you do H2543 with his donkey; H6213 and so shall you do H8071 with his clothes; H9 and with all lost thing H251 of your brother's, H6 which he has lost, H4672 and you have found, H6213 shall you do H3201 likewise: you may H5956 not hide yourself.
  4 H7200 You shall not see H251 your brother's H2543 donkey H7794 or his ox H5307 fall down H1870 by the way, H5956 and hide H6965 yourself from them: you shall surely H6965 help him to lift them up again.
  5 H802 The woman H3627 shall not wear that which pertains H1397 unto a man, H1397 neither shall a man H3847 put H802 on a woman's H8071 garment: H6213 for all that do H428 so H8441 are abomination H3068 unto the Lord H430 your God.
  6 H6833 If a bird's H7064 nest H7122 chance H6440 to be before H1870 you in the way H6086 in any tree, H776 or on the ground, H667 whether they be young ones, H1000 or eggs, H517 and the mother H7257 sitting H667 upon the young, H1000 or upon the eggs, H3947 you shall not take H517 the mother H1121 with the young:
  7 H7971 But you shall in any wise H517 let the mother H7971 go, H3947 and take H1121 the young H3190 to you; that it may be well H748 with you, and that you may prolong H3117 your days.
  8 H1129 When you build H2319 a new H1004 house, H6213 then you shall make H4624 a battlement H1406 for your roof, H7760 that you bring H1818 not blood H1004 upon your house, H5307 if any man H5307 fall from there.
  9 H2232 You shall not sow H3754 your vineyard H3610 with various seeds: H4395 lest the fruit H2233 of your seed H2232 which you have sown, H8393 and the fruit H3754 of your vineyard, H6942 be defiled.
  10 H2790 You shall not plow H7794 with an ox H2543 and an donkey H3162 together.
  11 H3847 You shall not wear H8162 a garment of various sorts, H6785 as of wool H6593 and linen H3162 together.
  12 H6213 You shall make H1434 you fringes H702 upon the four H3671 quarters H3682 of your vesture, H3680 with which you cover yourself.
  13 H376 If any man H3947 take H802 a wife, H935 and go in H8130 unto her, and hate her,
  14 H7760 And give H5949 occasions H1697 of speech H3318 against her, and bring up H7451 an evil H8034 name H559 upon her, and say, H3947 I took H802 this woman, H7126 and when I came H4672 to her, I found H1331 her not a maid:
  15 H1 Then shall the father H5291 of the girl, H517 and her mother, H3947 take H3318 and bring forth H5291 the tokens of the damsel's H1331 virginity H2205 unto the elders H5892 of the city H8179 in the gate:
  16 H5291 And the damsel's H1 father H559 shall say H2205 unto the elders, H5414 I gave H1323 my daughter H376 unto this man H802 to wife, H8130 and he hates her;
  17 H7760 And, behold, he has given H5949 occasions H1697 of speech H559 against her, saying, H4672 I found H1323 not your daughter H1331 a maid; H1323 and yet these are the tokens of my daughter's H1331 virginity. H6566 And they shall spread H8071 the cloth H6440 before H2205 the elders H5892 of the city.
  18 H2205 And the elders H5892 of that city H3947 shall take H376 that man H3256 and chastise him;
  19 H6064 And they shall fine H3967 him in an hundred H3701 shekels of silver, H5414 and give H1 them unto the father H5291 of the girl, H3318 because he has brought up H7451 an evil H8034 name H1330 upon a virgin H3478 of Israel: H802 and she shall be his wife; H3201 he may H7971 not put her away H3117 all his days.
  20 H1697 But if this thing H571 be true, H1331 and the tokens of virginity H4672 be not found H5291 for the girl:
  21 H3318 Then they shall bring out H5291 the girl H6607 to the door H1 of her father's H1004 house, H582 and the men H5892 of her city H5619 shall stone H68 her with stones H4191 that she die: H6213 because she has worked H5039 wickedness H3478 in Israel, H2181 to play the whore H1 in her father's H1004 house: H1197 so shall you put H7451 evil H1197 away H7130 from among you.
  22 H376 If a man H4672 be found H7901 lying H802 with a woman H1166 married H1167 to an husband, H8147 then they shall both of them H4191 die, H376 both the man H7901 that lay H802 with the woman, H802 and the woman: H1197 so shall you put away H7451 evil H3478 from Israel.
  23 H5291 If a girl H1330 that is a virgin H781 be married H376 unto an husband, H376 and a man H4672 find H5892 her in the city, H7901 and lie with her;
  24 H3318 Then you shall bring H8147 them both H8179 out unto the gate H5892 of that city, H5619 and you shall stone H68 them with stones H4191 that they die; H5291 the girl, H834 because H6817 she cried H5892 not, being in the city; H376 and the man, H834 because H6031 he has humbled H7453 his neighbour's H802 wife: H1197 so you shall put away H7451 evil H7130 from among you.
  25 H376 But if a man H4672 find H781 a married H5291 girl H7704 in the field, H376 and the man H2388 force H7901 her, and lie H376 with her: then the man H7901 only that lay H4191 with her shall die:
  26 H5291 But unto the girl H6213 you shall do H1697 nothing; H5291 there is in the girl H2399 no sin H4194 worthy of death: H376 for as when a man H6965 rises H7453 against his neighbor, H7523 and slays H1697 him, even so is this matter:
  27 H4672 For he found H7704 her in the field, H781 and the married H5291 girl H6817 cried, H3467 and there was none to save her.
  28 H376 If a man H4672 find H5291 a girl H1330 that is a virgin, H781 which is not married, H8610 and lay hold H7901 on her, and lie H4672 with her, and they be found;
  29 H376 Then the man H7901 that lay H5414 with her shall give H5291 unto the damsel's H1 father H2572 fifty H3701 shekels of silver, H802 and she shall be his wife; H6031 because he has humbled H3201 her, he may H7971 not put her away H3117 all his days.
  30 H376 A man H3947 shall not take H1 his father's H802 wife, H1540 nor uncover H1 his father's H3671 skirt.