Deuteronomy 22

ECB(i) 1
THE TORAH ON SUNDRY MATTERS See not the ox or the lamb of your brother driven, and conceal yourself from them: in returning, return them to your brother: 2 and if your brother is not near you or if you know him not, then gather it midst your own house and it is with you until your brother seeks after it: and restore it to him. 3 Thus you work with his he burro; and thus you work with his clothes; and with all that is lost of your brother which he lost and you found, work likewise: you cannot conceal yourself. 4 See not the he burro of your brother and his ox fall by the way and conceal yourself from them: in raising, raise them. 5 Neither bear the instruments of the mighty upon a woman, nor the mighty enrobe that of the woman: for all who work thus are abhorrence to Yah Veh your Elohim. 6 If the nest of a bird confronts your face in the way in any tree or on the earth - chicks or eggs and the mother crouches on the chicks or on the eggs, take not the mother with the son: 7 but in sending away, send away the mother and take the son to you; that it well-please you and you prolong your days. 8 When you build a new house, work a parapet for your roof, so if in falling, any man falls from there you set not blood on your house. 9 Seed not your vineyard with heterogenetic inductions: lest the fulness of the seed you seed and the produce of your vineyard, becomes defiled: 10 plow not with an ox and a he burro together: 11 enrobe not linsey woolsey as of woollen and flax together: 12 work threads on the four borders of your covering wherewith you cover. 13
THE TORAH ON VIRGINITY If any man takes a woman and goes in to her and hates her 14 and set exploitations of words and brings up an evil name on her, and says, I took this woman and when I approached her I found no virginity in her! 15 - then the father and mother of the lass take and bring of the virginity of the lass to the elders of the city in the portal: 16 and the father of the damsel says to the elders, I gave my daughter to this man to woman and he hates her; 17 and behold, he has set exploitations of words, saying, I found no virginity in your daughter; and yet these are of the virginity of my daughter. And they spread the cloth at the face of the elders of the city: 18 and the elders of that city take that man and discipline him; 19 and they penalize him a hundred silver and give them to the father of the lass, because he brought an evil name on a virgin of Yisra El: and she becomes his woman; he cannot send her away all his days. 20 And if this word be truth and virginity is not found for the lass: 21 then they bring the lass to the opening of the house of her father: and the men of her city stone her with stones so that she dies: because she worked folly in Yisra El to whore in the house of her father: thus you burn evil from among you. 22 When they find a man lying with a woman married to a master, then they - the two of them die, both the man lying with the woman and the woman: thus you burn evil from Yisra El. 23 When a lass - a virgin betrothed to a man and a man finds her in the city and lies with her; 24 then you bring the two of them to the portal of that city and stone them with stones that they die; the lass, for the word that she cried not, being in the city; and the man, for the word that he humbled the woman of his friend: thus you burn evil from among you. 25 And if a man finds a betrothed lass in the field and the man takes strong hold of her and lies with her: then only the man who lies with her dies: 26 and work no word to the lass; there is no sin of death in the lass: for as when a man rises against his friend and murders his soul, even thus is this word: 27 for he found her in the field and the betrothed lass cried with no one to save her. 28 When a man finds a lass - a virgin not betrothed and captures her and lies with her and they find them; 29 then the man who lies with her gives fifty silver to the father of the lass and she becomes his woman: and because he humbled her he cannot send her away all his days. 30 A man neither takes the woman of his father, nor exposes the border of his father.