Numbers 20

  1 H935 Then came H1121 the children H3478 of Israel, H6153 even H3605 the whole H5712 congregation, H4057 into the desert H6790 of Zin H7223 in the first H2320 month: H5971 and the people H3427 stayed H6946 in Kadesh; H4813 and Miriam H4191 died H8033 there, H6912 and was buried H8033 there.
  2 H3808 And there was no H4325 water H5712 for the congregation: H6950 and they gathered H5921 themselves together against H4872 Moses H5921 and against H175 Aaron.
  3 H5971 And the people H7378 strived H4872 with Moses, H559 and spoke, H559 saying, H3863 Would H1478 God that we had died H251 when our brothers H1478 died H6440 before H3068 the LORD!
  4 H4100 And why H935 have you brought H6951 up the congregation H3068 of the LORD H413 into H2088 this H4057 wilderness, H1165 that we and our cattle H4191 should die H8033 there?
  5 H4100 And why H5927 have you made us to come H4714 up out of Egypt, H935 to bring H2088 us in to this H7451 evil H4725 place? H3808 it is no H4725 place H2233 of seed, H8384 or of figs, H1612 or of vines, H7416 or of pomegranates; H369 neither H4325 is there any water H8354 to drink.
  6 H4872 And Moses H175 and Aaron H935 went H6440 from the presence H6951 of the assembly H6607 to the door H168 of the tabernacle H4150 of the congregation, H5307 and they fell H6440 on their faces: H3519 and the glory H3068 of the LORD H7200 appeared to them.
  7 H3068 And the LORD H1696 spoke H4872 to Moses, H559 saying,
  8 H3947 Take H4294 the rod, H6950 and gather H5712 you the assembly H175 together, you, and Aaron H251 your brother, H1696 and speak H5553 you to the rock H5869 before their eyes; H5414 and it shall give H4325 forth his water, H3318 and you shall bring H3318 forth H4325 to them water H5553 out of the rock: H5712 so you shall give the congregation H1165 and their beasts H8248 drink.
  9 H4872 And Moses H3947 took H4294 the rod H6440 from before H3068 the LORD, H6680 as he commanded him.
  10 H4872 And Moses H175 and Aaron H6950 gathered H6951 the congregation H413 together before H6440 H5553 the rock, H559 and he said H8085 to them, Hear H4994 now, H4784 you rebels; H3318 must we fetch H4325 you water H2088 out of this H5553 rock?
  11 H4872 And Moses H7311 lifted H3027 up his hand, H4294 and with his rod H5221 he smote H5553 the rock H6471 twice: H4325 and the water H3318 came H7227 out abundantly, H5712 and the congregation H1165 drank, and their beasts also.
  12 H3068 And the LORD H559 spoke H4872 to Moses H175 and Aaron, H3282 Because H539 you believed H6942 me not, to sanctify H5869 me in the eyes H1121 of the children H3478 of Israel, H3651 therefore H935 you shall not bring H2088 this H6951 congregation H413 into H776 the land H834 which H5414 I have given them.
  13 H1992 This H4325 is the water H4809 of Meribah; H834 because H1121 the children H3478 of Israel H7378 strove H3068 with the LORD, H6942 and he was sanctified in them.
  14 H4872 And Moses H7971 sent H4397 messengers H6946 from Kadesh H4428 to the king H123 of Edom, H3541 Thus H559 said H251 your brother H3478 Israel, H3045 You know H3605 all H8513 the travail H4672 that has befallen us:
  15 H1 How our fathers H3381 went H3381 down H4714 into Egypt, H3427 and we have dwelled H4714 in Egypt H7227 a long H3117 time; H4714 and the Egyptians H7489 vexed H1 us, and our fathers:
  16 H6817 And when we cried H3068 to the LORD, H8085 he heard H6963 our voice, H7971 and sent H4397 an angel, H3318 and has brought H3318 us forth H4714 out of Egypt: H2009 and, behold, H6946 we are in Kadesh, H5892 a city H7097 in the uttermost H1366 of your border:
  17 H5674 Let us pass, H4994 I pray H776 you, through your country: H5674 we will not pass H7704 through the fields, H3754 or through the vineyards, H3808 neither H8354 will we drink H4325 of the water H875 of the wells: H3212 we will go H4428 by the king’s H1870 high way, H5186 we will not turn H3225 to the right H3225 hand H8040 nor to the left, H5704 until H5674 we have passed H1366 your borders.
  18 H123 And Edom H559 said H5674 to him, You shall not pass H3318 by me, lest I come H7125 out against H2719 you with the sword.
  19 H1121 And the children H3478 of Israel H559 said H5927 to him, We will go H4546 by the high H518 way: and if H4735 I and my cattle H8354 drink H4325 of your water, H5414 then I will pay H4377 H7535 for it: I will only, H369 without H1697 doing anything H5674 else, go H5674 through H5921 on H7272 my feet.
  20 H559 And he said, H5674 You shall not go H5674 through. H123 And Edom H3318 came H7125 out against H3515 him with much H5971 people, H2389 and with a strong H3027 hand.
  21 H123 Thus Edom H3985 refused H5414 to give H3478 Israel H5674 passage H1366 through his border: H3478 why Israel H5186 turned away from him.
  22 H1121 And the children H3478 of Israel, H3605 even the whole H5712 congregation, H5265 journeyed H6946 from Kadesh, H935 and came H2022 to mount H2023 Hor.
  23 H3068 And the LORD H559 spoke H4872 to Moses H175 and Aaron H2022 in mount H2023 Hor, H1366 by the coast H776 of the land H123 of Edom, H559 saying,
  24 H175 Aaron H622 shall be gathered H5971 to his people: H935 for he shall not enter H413 into H776 the land H834 which H5414 I have given H1121 to the children H3478 of Israel, H5921 because H834 H4784 you rebelled H4775 against H6310 my word H4325 at the water H4809 of Meribah.
  25 H3947 Take H175 Aaron H499 and Eleazar H1121 his son, H5927 and bring H2022 them up to mount H2023 Hor:
  26 H6584 And strip H175 Aaron H899 of his garments, H3847 and put H499 them on Eleazar H1121 his son: H175 and Aaron H622 shall be gathered H5971 to his people, H4191 and shall die H8033 there.
  27 H4872 And Moses H6213 did H3068 as the LORD H6680 commanded: H5927 and they went H413 up into H2022 mount H2023 Hor H5869 in the sight H3605 of all H5712 the congregation.
  28 H4872 And Moses H6584 stripped H175 Aaron H899 of his garments, H3847 and put H499 them on Eleazar H1121 his son; H175 and Aaron H4191 died H8033 there H7218 in the top H2022 of the mount: H4872 and Moses H499 and Eleazar H3381 came H3381 down H2022 from the mount.
  29 H3605 And when all H5712 the congregation H7200 saw H175 that Aaron H1478 was dead, H1058 they mourned H175 for Aaron H7970 thirty H3117 days, H3605 even all H1004 the house H3478 of Israel.