H4775 מרד - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root; to rebel

KJV Usage: rebel (-lious).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. to rebel, revolt, be rebellious
a. (Qal) to rebel, revolt
1. against human king
2. against God
3. against light (poetic)
Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 1240
Parts of Speech: Verb

to rebel
1) to rebel, revolt, be rebellious
1a) (Qal) to rebel, revolt
1a1) against human king
1a2) against God
1a3) against light (poetic)

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25 occurrences of H4775 מרד

Genesis 14:4 they rebelled.
Numbers 14:9 Only rebel
Joshua 22:16 that ye might rebel
Joshua 22:18 and it will be, seeing ye rebel
Joshua 22:19 us: but rebel
Joshua 22:19 rebel
Joshua 22:29 that we should rebel
2 Kings 18:7 and he rebelled
2 Kings 18:20 that thou rebellest
2 Kings 24:1 and rebelled
2 Kings 24:20 rebelled
2 Chronicles 13:6 and hath rebelled
2 Chronicles 36:13 And he also rebelled
Nehemiah 2:19 will ye rebel
Nehemiah 6:6 to rebel:
Nehemiah 9:26 and rebelled
Job 24:13 They are of those that rebel
Isaiah 36:5 that thou rebellest
Jeremiah 52:3 rebelled
Ezekiel 2:3 to a rebellious
Ezekiel 2:3 that hath rebelled
Ezekiel 17:15 But he rebelled
Ezekiel 20:38 from among you the rebels,
Daniel 9:5 and have rebelled,
Daniel 9:9 though we have rebelled

Distinct usage

2 that thou rebellest
2 and rebelled
2 rebelled
1 they rebelled.
1 Only rebel
1 us: but rebel
1 rebel
1 and he rebelled
1 and hath rebelled
1 And he also rebelled
1 will ye rebel
1 They are of those that rebel
1 But he rebelled
1 to rebel:
1 from among you the rebels,
1 though we have rebelled
1 that ye might rebel
1 to a rebellious
1 that hath rebelled
1 that we should rebel
1 and have rebelled,
1 and it will be, seeing ye rebel

Corresponding Greek Words

marad G91 adikeo
marad G114 atheteo
marad G544 apeitheo
marad G765 asebes
marad G868 aph istemi
marad G3893 para pikraino
marar qal.,hi. G4087 pikraino

Related words


H4776 מרד me rad
me rad
(Chaldee); from a root corresponding to H4775; rebellion

KJV Usage: rebellion.

H4777 מרד mered
From H4775; rebellion

KJV Usage: rebellion.

H4780 מרדּוּת mardûth
From H4775; rebelliousness

KJV Usage: X rebellious.