Proverbs 2:1 Cross References - new

  1 H1121 My son, H3947 [H8799] if thou wilt receive H561 my words, H6845 [H8799] and treasure H4687 my commandments with thee;

Deuteronomy 6:6-9

  6 H1697 And these words, H6680 [H8764] which I command H3117 thee this day, H3824 shall be in thy heart:
  7 H8150 [H8765] And thou shalt teach them diligently H1121 to thy sons, H1696 [H8765] and shalt talk H3427 [H8800] of them when thou sittest H1004 in thy house, H3212 [H8800] and when thou walkest H1870 by the way, H7901 [H8800] and when thou liest down, H6965 [H8800] and when thou risest up.
  8 H7194 [H8804] And thou shalt bind H226 them for a sign H3027 upon thine hand, H2903 and they shall be as frontlets H5869 between thine eyes.
  9 H3789 [H8804] And thou shalt write H4201 them upon the posts H1004 of thy house, H8179 and on thy gates.

Job 23:12

  12 H4185 [H8686] Neither have I gone back H4687 from the commandment H8193 of his lips; H6845 [H8804] I have esteemed H561 the words H6310 of his mouth H2706 more than my necessary food.

Psalms 119:9-11

  9 H5288 BETH. How shall a young man H2135 [H8762] cleanse H734 his way? H8104 [H8800] by taking heed H1697 to it according to thy word.
  10 H3820 With my whole heart H1875 [H8804] have I sought H7686 [H8686] thee: O let me not stray H4687 from thy commandments.
  11 H565 Thy word H6845 [H8804] have I hid H3820 in my heart, H2398 [H8799] that I might not sin against thee.

Proverbs 1:3

  3 H9005 To H3947 [H8800] receive H4148 the instruction H7919 [H8687] of prudence, H6664 justice, H9002 and H4941 judgment, H9002 and H4339 straightness;

Proverbs 3:1

  1 H1121 My son, H7911 [H8799] forget H8451 not my law; H3820 but let thine heart H5341 [H8799] keep H4687 my commandments:

Proverbs 4:1

  1 H8085 [H8798] Hear, H1121 ye sons, H4148 the instruction H1 of a father, H7181 [H8685] and prick up thine ear H3045 [H8800] to know H998 understanding.

Proverbs 4:10

  10 H8085 [H8798] Hear, H1121 O my son, H3947 [H8798] and receive H561 my sayings; H8141 and the years H2416 of thy life H7235 [H8799] shall be many.

Proverbs 4:20-22

  20 H1121 My son, H7181 [H8685] prick up thine ear H1697 to my words; H5186 [H8685] incline H241 thine ear H561 to my sayings.
  21 H3868 [H8686] Let them not depart H5869 from thine eyes; H8104 [H8798] keep H8432 them in the midst H3824 of thy heart.
  22 H2416 For they are life H4672 [H8802] to those that find H4832 them, and health H1320 to all their flesh.

Proverbs 6:21

  21 H7194 [H8798] Bind H8548 them continually H3820 upon thine heart, H6029 [H8798] and tie H1621 them about thy neck.

Proverbs 7:1

  1 H1121 My son, H8104 [H8798] keep H561 my words, H6845 [H8799] and lay up H4687 my commandments with thee.

Matthew 13:44

  44 G3825 { Again, G932 the kingdom G3772 of heaven G2076 [G5748] is G3664 like G2344 treasure G2928 [G5772] having been hidden G1722 in G68 a field; G3739 which G444 when a man G2147 [G5631] hath found, G2928 [G5656] he hideth, G2532 and G575 from G5479 joy G846 over it G5217 [G5719] goeth G2532 and G4453 [G5719] selleth G3956 all G3745 that G2192 [G5719] he hath, G2532 and G59 [G5719] buyeth G1565 that G68 field.}

Luke 2:19

  19 G1161 But G3137 Mary G4933 [G5707] preserved G3956 all G5023 these G4487 utterances, G4820 [G5723] and uniting G1722 them in G846 her G2588 heart.

Luke 2:51

  51 G2532 And G2597 [G5627] he went down G3326 with G846 them, G2532 and G2064 [G5627] came G1519 to G3478 Nazareth, G2532 and G2258 [G5713] was G5293 [G5746] subject G846 to them: G2532 but G846 his G3384 mother G1301 [G5707] kept G3956 all G5023 these G4487 utterances G1722 in G846 her G2588 heart.

Luke 9:44

  44 G5128 { Let these G3056 sayings G5087 [G5640] sink down G1519 into G5210 G5216 your G3775 ears: G1063 for G5207 the Son G444 of man G3195 [G5719] shall be G3860 [G5745] delivered G1519 into G5495 the hands G444 of men.}

John 12:47-48

  47 G2532 { And G3362 0 if G5100 any man G191 [G5661] hear G3450 my G4487 utterances, G2532 and G4100 [G5661] believe G3362 not, G1473 I G2919 [G5692] judge G846 him G3756 not: G1063 for G2064 [G5627] I came G3756 not G2443 to G2919 [G5725] judge G2889 the world, G235 but G2443 to G4982 [G5661] save G2889 the world.}
  48 G114 [G5723] { He that rejecteth G1691 me, G2532 and G2983 [G5723] receiveth G3361 not G3450 my G4487 utterances, G2192 [G5719] hath G2919 [G5723] one that judgeth G846 him: G3056 the word G3739 that G2980 [G5656] I have spoken, G1565 the same G2919 [G5692] shall judge G846 him G1722 in G2078 the last G2250 day.}

1 Timothy 1:15

  15 G4103 This is a faithful G3056 word, G2532 and G514 worthy G3956 of all G594 acceptation, G3754 that G5547 Anointed G2424 Jesus G2064 [G5627] came G1519 into G2889 the world G4982 [G5658] to save G268 sinners; G3739 of whom G1473 I G1510 [G5748] am G4413 foremost.

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