Deuteronomy 6:6-9

  6 H1697 And these words, H6680 [H8764] which I command H3117 thee this day, H3824 shall be in thy heart:
  7 H8150 [H8765] And thou shalt teach them diligently H1121 to thy sons, H1696 [H8765] and shalt talk H3427 [H8800] of them when thou sittest H1004 in thy house, H3212 [H8800] and when thou walkest H1870 by the way, H7901 [H8800] and when thou liest down, H6965 [H8800] and when thou risest up.
  8 H7194 [H8804] And thou shalt bind H226 them for a sign H3027 upon thine hand, H2903 and they shall be as frontlets H5869 between thine eyes.
  9 H3789 [H8804] And thou shalt write H4201 them upon the posts H1004 of thy house, H8179 and on thy gates.