Genesis 4

  1 H120 And Adam H3045 H853 [H8804] knew H2332 Eve H802 his wife H2029 [H8799] ; and she conceived H3205 H853 [H8799] , and bore H7014 Cain H559 [H8799] , and said H7069 [H8804] , I have gotten H376 a man H854 from H3068 the LORD.
  2 H3254 [H8686] And she again H3205 [H8800] bore H251 his brother H1893 Abel H1893 . And Abel H7462 [H8802] was a keeper H6629 of sheep H7014 , but Cain H5647 [H8802] was a tiller H127 of the ground.
  3 H7093 And in process H3117 of time H7014 it came to pass, that Cain H935 [H8686] brought H6529 of the fruit H127 of the ground H4503 an offering H3068 to the LORD.
  4 H1893 And Abel H1931 , he H935 [H8689] also brought H1062 of the firstlings H6629 of his flock H2459 and of its fat H3068 . And the LORD H8159 [H8799] had respect H1893 to Abel H4503 and to his offering:
  5 H7014 But to Cain H4503 and to his offering H8159 [H8804] he had not respect H7014 . And Cain H3966 was very H2734 [H8799] angry H6440 , and his countenance H5307 [H8799] fell.
  6 H3068 And the LORD H559 [H8799] said H7014 to Cain H2734 [H8804] , Why art thou angry H6440 ? and why is thy countenance H5307 [H8804] fallen?
  7 H518 If H3190 [H8686] thou doest well H7613 , shalt thou not be accepted H3190 [H8686] ? and if thou doest not well H2403 , sin H7257 [H8802] lieth H6607 at the door H8669 . And to thee shall be his desire H4910 [H8799] , and thou shalt rule over him.
  8 H7014 And Cain H559 [H8799] talked H413 with H1893 Abel H251 his brother H7704 : and it came to pass, when they were in the field H7014 , that Cain H6965 [H8799] rose up H413 against H1893 Abel H251 his brother H2026 [H8799] , and slew him.
  9 H3068 And the LORD H559 [H8799] said H7014 to Cain H335 , Where H1893 is Abel H251 thy brother H559 [H8799] ? And he said H3045 [H8804] , I know H251 not: Am I my brother's H8104 [H8802] keeper?
  10 H559 [H8799] And he said H4100 , What H6213 [H8804] hast thou done H6963 ? the voice H251 of thy brother's H1818 blood H6817 [H8802] crieth H127 to me from the ground.
  11 H779 [H8803] And now art thou cursed H127 from the earth H6475 [H8804] , which hath opened H6310 her mouth H3947 [H8800] to receive H251 thy brother's H1818 blood H3027 from thy hand;
  12 H3588 When H5647 [H8799] thou tillest H127 the ground H3254 [H8686] , it shall not henceforth H5414 [H8800] yield H3581 to thee its strength H5128 [H8801] ; a fugitive H5110 [H8802] and a vagabond H776 shalt thou be in the earth.
  13 H7014 And Cain H559 [H8799] said H3068 to the LORD H5771 , My punishment H1419 is greater H5375 [H8800] than I can bear.
  14 H1644 [H8765] Behold, thou hast driven me H3117 this day H6440 from the face H127 of the earth H5921 ; and from H6440 thy face H5641 [H8735] shall I be hid H5128 [H8801] ; and I shall be a fugitive H5110 [H8802] and a vagabond H776 in the earth H1961 [H8804] ; and it shall come to pass H4672 [H8802] , that any one that findeth me H2026 [H8799] shall slay me.
  15 H3068 And the LORD H559 [H8799] said H3651 to him, Therefore H2026 [H8802] whoever slayeth H7014 Cain H5358 [H8714] , vengeance shall be taken H7659 on him sevenfold H3068 . And the LORD H7760 [H8799] set H226 a mark H7014 upon Cain H1115 , lest H4672 [H8802] any finding H5221 [H8687] him should kill him.
  16 H7014 And Cain H3318 [H8799] went out H6440 from the presence H3068 of the LORD H3427 [H8799] , and dwelt H776 in the land H5113 of Nod H6926 , on the east H5731 of Eden.
  17 H7014 And Cain H3045 [H8799] knew H802 his wife H2029 [H8799] ; and she conceived H3205 [H8799] , and bore H2585 Enoch H1129 [H8802] : and he built H5892 a city H7121 [H8799] , and called H8034 the name H5892 of the city H8034 , after the name H1121 of his son H2585 , Enoch.
  18 H2585 And to Enoch H3205 [H8735] was born H5897 Irad H5897 : and Irad H3205 [H8804] begat H4232 Mehujael H4232 : and Mehujael H3205 [H8804] begat H4967 Methusael H4967 : and Methusael H3205 [H8804] begat H3929 Lamech.
  19 H3929 And Lamech H3947 [H8799] took H8147 to him two H802 wives H8034 : the name H259 of the one H5711 was Adah H8034 , and the name H8145 of the other H6741 Zillah.
  20 H5711 And Adah H3205 [H8799] bore H2989 Jabal H1 : he was the father H3427 [H8802] of such as dwell H168 in tents H4735 , and of such as have cattle.
  21 H251 And his brother's H8034 name H3106 was Jubal H1 : he was the father H8610 [H8802] of all such as handle H3658 the harp H5748 and flute.
  22 H6741 And Zillah H3205 [H8804] , she also bore H8423 Tubalcain H3913 [H8803] , an instructor H2794 of every craftsman H5178 in brass H1270 and iron H269 : and the sister H8423 of Tubalcain H5279 was Naamah.
  23 H3929 And Lamech H559 [H8799] said H802 to his wives H5711 , Adah H6741 and Zillah H8085 [H8798] , Hear H6963 my voice H802 ; ye wives H3929 of Lamech H238 [H8685] , hearken H565 to my speech H2026 [H8804] : for I have slain H376 a man H6482 who wounded me H3206 , and a young man H2250 for hurting me.
  24 H3588 If H7014 Cain H5358 [H8714] shall be avenged H7659 sevenfold H3929 , truly Lamech H7657 seventy H7651 and sevenfold.
  25 H120 And Adam H3045 [H8799] knew H802 his wife H5750 again H3205 [H8799] ; and she bore H1121 a son H7121 [H8799] , and called H8034 his name H8352 Seth H430 : For God H7896 [H8804] , said she, hath appointed H312 me another H2233 seed H8478 instead H1893 of Abel H3588 , whom H7014 Cain H2026 [H8804] slew.
  26 H8352 And to Seth H1931 , to him H3205 [H8795] also there was born H1121 a son H7121 [H8799] ; and he called H8034 his name H583 Enos H2490 [H8717] : then began men H7121 [H8800] to call H8034 upon the name H3068 of the LORD.