Genesis 4

Coverdale(i) 1 Morouer Adam laye with Heua his wyfe, which coceaued & bare Cain, and sayde, I haue opteyned ye man of the LORDE. 2 And she proceaded forth, & bare his brother Abell. And Abell became a shepherde, but Cain became an husbande man. 3 And it fortuned after certaine daies, that Cain brought of the frute of the earth, an offrynge vnto ye LORDE. 4 And Abell brought also of the firstlinges of his shepe, and of ye fat of them. And the LORDE had respecte vnto Abell and to his offerynge: 5 but vnto Cain and his offerynge he loked not. Then was Cain exceadinge wroth, and his countenaunce chaunged. 6 And the LORDE sayde vnto Cain: Why art thou angrie? and why doth thy countenaunce chaunge? Is it not so? that yf thou do well, thou shalt receaue it: 7 but and yf thou do euell, thy synne lyeth open in the dore? Shal he then be subdued vnto the? and wilt thou rule him? 8 And Cain talked with Abell his brother. And it happened, that whan they were in the felde, Cain arose agaynst Abell his brother, and slew him. 9 Then sayde the LORDE vnto Cain: Where is Abell thy brother? He sayde: I can not tell. Am I my brothers keper? 10 And he sayde: What hast thou done? The voyce of thy brothers bloude crieth vnto me out of the earth. 11 And now shalt thou be cursed vpon the earth, which hath opened hir mouth, and receaued thy brothers bloude of thine hande. 12 Whan thou tyllest ye grounde, she shall hensforth not geue hir power vnto the. A vagabunde and a rennagate shalt thou be vpon ye earth. 13 And Cain sayde vnto ye LORDE: my synne is greater, then that it maye be forgeuen me. 14 Beholde, thou castest me out this daye from out of ye londe, and from yi sight must I hyde myself, and must be a vagabunde and a rennagate vpon ye earth. And thus shal it go with me: that who so fyndeth me, shal slaye me. 15 But the LORDE sayde thus vnto him: Who so euer slayeth Cain, it shalbe auenged seuenfolde. And the LORDE put a marck vpon Cain, that no man which founde him, shulde kyll him. 16 So Cain wente out from ye face of the LORDE, and dwelt in the lande Nod, vpon the east syde of Eden. 17 And Cain laye with his wyfe, which conceaued and bare Henoch. And he buylded a cite, and called it after the name of his sonne Henoch. 18 And Henoch begat Irad, Irad begat Mahuiael. Mahuiael begat Mathusael. Mathusael begat Lamech. 19 And Lamech toke him two wyues: ye one was called Ada, & the other Zilla. 20 And Ada bare Iabel, of whom came they that dwelt in tentes and had catell. 21 And his brothers name was Iuball: Of him came they that occupied harpes & pypes. 22 And Zilla she also bare Tubalcain, a worker in all connynge poyntes of metall & yron. And Tubalcains sister was called Naema. 23 And Lamech sayde vnto his wyues Ada and Zilla: Heare my voyce (ye wyues of Lamech) and herken vnto my wordes: for I haue slayne a man, and wounded my selfe: and (haue kylled) a yonge man, and gotte my self strypes. 24 Cain shalbe aueged seue tymes: but Lamech seuen and seuentie tymes. 25 Adam laye yet with his wyfe agayne, & she bare a sonne, and called him Seth. For God (sayde she) hath apoynted me another sede, for Abell, whom Cain slew. 26 And Seth begat a sonne also, and called him Enos. At the same tyme beganne men to call vpon the name of the LORDE.