1 H3117 Now it came to pass in the days H325 of Ahasuerus H325 (this is Ahasuerus H4427 who reigned H1912 from India H3568 even unto Ethiopia, H3967 over a hundred H7651 and seven H6242 and twenty H4082 provinces),
  2 H3117 that in those days, H4428 when the king H325 Ahasuerus H3427 sat H3678 on the throne H4438 of his kingdom, H7800 which was in Shushan H1002 the palace,
  3 H7969 in the third H8141 year H4427 of his reign, H6213 he made H4960 a feast H8269 unto all his princes H5650 and his servants; H2428 the power H6539 of Persia H4074 and Media, H6579 the nobles H8269 and princes H4082 of the provinces, H6440 being before him;
  4 H7200 when he showed H6239 the riches H3519 of his glorious H4438 kingdom H3366 and the honor H8597 of his excellent H1420 majesty H7227 many H3117 days, H3967 even a hundred H8084 and fourscore H3117 days.
  5 H3117 And when these days H4390 were fulfilled, H4428 the king H6213 made H4960 a feast H5971 unto all the people H4672 that were present H7800 in Shushan H1002 the palace, H1419 both great H6996 and small, H7651 seven H3117 days, H2691 in the court H1594 of the garden H4428 of the king's H1055 palace.
  6 H2353 There were hangings of white H3768 cloth, of green, H8504 and of blue, H270 fastened H2256 with cords H948 of fine linen H713 and purple H3701 to silver H1550 rings H5982 and pillars H8336 of marble: H4296 the couches H2091 were of gold H3701 and silver, H7531 upon a pavement H923 of red, H1858 and white, H8504 and yellow, H5508 and black H8336 marble.
  7 H8248 And they gave them drink H3627 in vessels H2091 of gold H3627 (the vessels H8138 being diverse H3627 one from another), H4438 and royal H3196 wine H7227 in abundance, H3027 according to the bounty H4428 of the king.
  8 H8360 And the drinking H1881 was according to the law; H597 none could compel: H4428 for so the king H3245 had appointed H7227 to all the officers H1004 of his house, H6213 that they should do H376 according to every man's H7522 pleasure.
  9 H2060 Also Vashti H4436 the queen H6213 made H4960 a feast H802 for the women H4438 in the royal H1004 house H4428 which belonged to king H325 Ahasuerus.
  10 H7637 On the seventh H3117 day, H3820 when the heart H4428 of the king H2896 was merry H3196 with wine, H559 he commanded H4104 Mehuman, H968 Biztha, H2726 Harbona, H903 Bigtha, H5 and Abagtha, H2242 Zethar, H3752 and Carcas, H7651 the seven H5631 chamberlains H8334 that ministered H6440 in the presence H325 of Ahasuerus H4428 the king,
  11 H935 to bring H2060 Vashti H4436 the queen H6440 before H4428 the king H3804 with the crown H4438 royal, H7200 to show H5971 the peoples H8269 and the princes H3308 her beauty; H2896 for she was fair H4758 to look on.
  12 H4436 But the queen H2060 Vashti H3985 refused H935 to come H4428 at the king's H1697 commandment H3027 by H5631 the chamberlains: H4428 therefore was the king H3966 very H7107 wroth, H2534 and his anger H1197 burned in him.
  13 H4428 Then the king H559 said H2450 to the wise men, H3045 who knew H6256 the times, H4428 (for so was the king's H1697 manner H6440 toward H3045 all that knew H1881 law H1779 and judgment;
  14 H7138 and the next H3771 unto him were Carshena, H8369 Shethar, H133 Admatha, H8659 Tarshish, H4825 Meres, H4826 Marsena, H4462 and Memucan, H7651 the seven H8269 princes H6539 of Persia H4074 and Media, H7200 who saw H4428 the king's H6440 face, H3427 and sat H7223 first H4438 in the kingdom),
  15 H6213 What shall we do H4436 unto the queen H2060 Vashti H1881 according to law, H6213 because she hath not done H3982 the bidding H4428 of the king H325 Ahasuerus H3027 by H5631 the chamberlains?
  16 H4462 And Memucan H559 answered H6440 before H4428 the king H8269 and the princes, H2060 Vashti H4436 the queen H5753 hath not done wrong H4428 to the king H8269 only, but also to all the princes, H5971 and to all the peoples H4082 that are in all the provinces H4428 of the king H325 Ahasuerus.
  17 H1697 For this deed H4436 of the queen H3318 will come abroad H802 unto all women, H1167 to make their husbands H959 contemptible H5869 in their eyes, H559 when it shall be reported, H4428 The king H325 Ahasuerus H559 commanded H2060 Vashti H4436 the queen H935 to be brought in H6440 before H935 him, but she came not.
  18 H3117 And this day H8282 will the princesses H6539 of Persia H4074 and Media H8085 who have heard H1697 of the deed H4436 of the queen H559 say H4428 the like unto all the king's H8269 princes. H1767 So will there arise much H963 contempt H7110 and wrath.
  19 H2895 If it please H4428 the king, H3318 let there go H4438 forth a royal H1697 commandment H6440 from him, H3789 and let it be written H1881 among the laws H6539 of the Persians H4074 and the Medes, H5674 that it be not altered, H2060 that Vashti H935 come H6440 no more before H4428 king H325 Ahasuerus; H4428 and let the king H5414 give H4438 her royal estate H7468 unto another H2896 that is better than she.
  20 H4428 And when the king's H6599 decree H6213 which he shall make H8085 shall be published H4438 throughout all his kingdom H7227 (for it is great), H802 all the wives H5414 will give H1167 to their husbands H3366 honor, H1419 both to great H6996 and small.
  21 H1697 And the saying H3190 pleased H4428 the king H8269 and the princes; H4428 and the king H6213 did H1697 according to the word H4462 of Memucan:
  22 H7971 for he sent H5612 letters H4428 into all the king's H4082 provinces, H4082 into every province H3791 according to the writing H5971 thereof, and to every people H3956 after their language, H376 that every man H8323 should bear rule H1004 in his own house, H1696 and should speak H3956 according to the language H5971 of his people.