H7110 קצף - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H7107; a splinter (as chipped off); figuratively rage or strife

KJV Usage: foam, indignation, X sore, wrath.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. wrath, anger
a. of God
b. of man
2. splinter, twig, broken twig
a. meaning dubious
Origin: from H7107
TWOT: 2058a,2059b
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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29 occurrences of H7110 קצף

Numbers 1:53 that there may be no wrath
Numbers 16:46 for them: for there is wrath
Numbers 18:5 that there be no wrath
Deuteronomy 29:28 indignation,
Joshua 9:20 lest wrath
Joshua 22:20 and wrath
2 Kings 3:27 indignation
1 Chronicles 27:24 not, because there fell wrath
2 Chronicles 19:2 is wrath
2 Chronicles 19:10 and so wrath
2 Chronicles 24:18 and wrath
2 Chronicles 29:8 Therefore the wrath
2 Chronicles 32:25 therefore there was wrath
2 Chronicles 32:26 so that the wrath
Esther 1:18 and wrath.
Psalms 38:1 me not in thy splintering anger:
Psalms 102:10 and thy wrath:
Ecclesiastes 5:17 and wrath
Isaiah 34:2 For the indignation
Isaiah 54:8 wrath
Isaiah 60:10 to thee: for in my wrath
Jeremiah 10:10 at his wrath
Jeremiah 21:5 wrath.
Jeremiah 32:37 wrath;
Jeremiah 50:13 Because of the wrath
Hosea 10:7 as the foam
Zechariah 1:2 hath been very
Zechariah 1:15 very
Zechariah 7:12 wrath

Distinct usage

3 and wrath
2 wrath
1 lest wrath
1 indignation
1 not, because there fell wrath
1 and so wrath
1 Therefore the wrath
1 therefore there was wrath
1 so that the wrath
1 and wrath.
1 and thy wrath:
1 at his wrath
1 wrath.
1 Because of the wrath
1 hath been very
1 for them: for there is wrath
1 as the foam
1 For the indignation
1 wrath;
1 to thee: for in my wrath
1 indignation,
1 very
1 that there may be no wrath
1 that there be no wrath
1 is wrath
1 me not in thy splintering anger:

Corresponding Greek Words

qetseph G265 hamartema
qetseph G2372 thumos
qetseph G3709 orge
qetseph G3730 horme
qetseph G3948 paroxusmos
qetseph G3950 par orgismos
qetseph G5434 phruganon *

Related words

H7110 קצף

H8241 שׁצף shetseph
From H7857 (for alliteration with H7110); an outburst (of anger)

KJV Usage: little.

H7107 קצף qâtsaph

A primitive root; to crack off, that is, (figuratively) burst out in rage

KJV Usage: (be) anger (-ry), displease, fret self, (provoke to) wrath (come), be wroth.

H7108 קצף qe tsaph
qe tsaph
(Chaldee); corresponding to H7107; to become enraged

KJV Usage: be furious.

H7111 קצפה qe tsâphâh
qe tsâphâh
From H7107; a fragment

KJV Usage: bark [-ed].