H5982 עמּד עמּוּד - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

עמּד עמּוּד
‛ammûd ‛ammûd
am-mood', am-mood'
From H5975; a column (as standing); also a stand, that is, platform

KJV Usage: X apiece, pillar.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

עמּד עמּוּד

1. pillar, column
a. pillar
b. column, upright
c. column (of smoke)
Origin: from H5975
TWOT: 1637c
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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First 30 of 84 occurrences of H5982 עמּד עמּוּד

Exodus 13:21 in a pillar
Exodus 13:21 in a pillar
Exodus 13:22 the pillar
Exodus 13:22 nor the pillar
Exodus 14:19 them; and the pillar
Exodus 14:24 through the pillar
Exodus 26:32 pillars
Exodus 26:37 pillars
Exodus 27:10 pillars
Exodus 27:10 of the pillars
Exodus 27:11 pillars
Exodus 27:11 of the pillars
Exodus 27:12 their pillars
Exodus 27:14 their pillars
Exodus 27:15 cubits: their pillars
Exodus 27:16 and their pillars
Exodus 27:17 All the pillars
Exodus 33:9 pillar
Exodus 33:10 pillar
Exodus 35:11 its pillars,
Exodus 35:17 its pillars,
Exodus 36:36 pillars
Exodus 36:38 pillars
Exodus 38:10 Their pillars
Exodus 38:10 of the pillars
Exodus 38:11 their pillars
Exodus 38:11 of the pillars
Exodus 38:12 their pillars
Exodus 38:12 of the pillars
Exodus 38:14 their pillars

Distinct usage

10 pillars
9 of the pillars
7 their pillars
6 pillar
6 pillars,
4 in a pillar
4 the pillars
4 of the pillars;
3 its pillars,
3 and its pillars,
3 And the pillars
3 pillar,
2 the pillar
2 its pillars.
2 by a pillar,
1 nor the pillar
1 them; and the pillar
1 through the pillar
1 cubits: their pillars
1 and their pillars
1 All the pillars
1 for the pillars
1 and all the pillars
1 And their pillars
1 for the pillars,
1 in the pillar
1 and in a pillar
1 and the pillar
1 him between the pillars.
1 with a pillar

Corresponding Greek Words

ammud G4714 stasis
ammud G4769 stulos