Thomson(i) 1 After these things, in the days of Artaxerxes the same who reigned from India, over a hundred and twenty seven provinces, 2 when Artaxerxes was settled on his throne in the city Susoi, 3 in the third year of his reign, he made an entertainment for his friends, both for other nations, and for the nobles of the Persians and Medes, and for the governors. 4 And having after this displayed to them the riches of his kingdom, and the transporting glory of his riches, for a hundred and eighty days, 5 when the days of his marriage were fulfilled, the king made an entertainment for all the nations who were in the city, for six days, in the court of the royal palace, 6 which was adorned with painted hangings of cotton, extended with cords of cotton, and purple yarn, to capitals of gold and silver, on pillars of parian marble and alabaster. The couches were of gold and silver, on a pavement of smaragdine, pinine, and parian stone; and their covers were of gause, painted with a variety of flowers; and roses were scattered all around. 7 The goblets of gold and silver, with a small carbuncled cup to each, amounted in value to thirty thousand talents. There was wine in abundance and of a sweet quality, such as the king himself drank. 8 Now this entertainment was not according to an established custom; but the king would have it so, and he commanded the stewards to comply with his pleasure, and that of the guests. 9 Astin the queen also made an entertainment for the women in the royal palace, where king Artaxerxes was. 10 And on the seventh day, the king, in high good humour, ordered Anian and Basan and Tharra and Barazi and Zatholtha and Abataza and Tharaba, the seven chamberlains, who waited on king Artaxerxes, 11 to bring the queen to him to proclaim her queen, and crown her with a diadem, and shew her to the chiefs, and her beauty to the nations; for she was beautiful. 12 But queen Astin hearkened not to him to come with the chamberlain, at which the king was greatly offended and inflamed with anger 13 and he said to his friends, Astin hath spoken so and so; do you therefore execute law and judgment, touching this matter. 14 Thereupon there came before him, Arkesaius and Sarsathaius and Malisear the chiefs of the Persians and Medes, who were5 near the king, and had the first seats next him; 15 and told him according to the laws what ought to be done to queen Astin, because she had not done what the king had commanded by the chamberlains. 16 And Muchaius said to the king and to the chiefs, Queen Astin hath wronged, not the king only, but also all the king's chiefs and leaders; 17 for he hath told them the queen's conduct and how she hath contradicted the king. Therefore as she hath contradicted the king Artaxerxes, so will the rest of the ladies now, 18 the wives of the Persian and Medean princes, upon hearing what she hath said to the king, presume in like manner to dishonour their husbands. 19 If therefore it seemeth good to the king, let him pass a royal decree and let it be written according to the laws of the Medes and Persians, and let him not alter it nor suffer the queen any more to approach him; but let the king give her royalty to another woman, better than her. 20 And let this edict of the king be proclaimed, which if he cause to be done throughout his kingdom, then will all the women both rich and poor, pay respect to their husbands. 21 And the speech pleased the king and the princes; and the king did as Muchaius had spoken, 22 and sent the decree throughout the whole kingdom, into every province in the language and writing thereof, that men might be feared by their own families.