Joshua 18

  1 H3605 And the whole H5712 congregation H1121 of the children H3478 of Israel H6950 assembled H7887 together at Shiloh, H7931 and set H168 up the tabernacle H4150 of the congregation H8033 there. H776 And the land H3533 was subdued H6440 before them.
  2 H3498 And there remained H1121 among the children H3478 of Israel H7651 seven H7626 tribes, H834 which H2505 had not yet received H5159 their inheritance.
  3 H3091 And Joshua H559 said H1121 to the children H3478 of Israel, H5704 How H5704 long H7503 are you slack H935 to go H3423 to possess H776 the land, H834 which H3068 the LORD H430 God H1 of your fathers H5414 has given you?
  4 H3051 Give H7969 out from among you three H582 men H7626 for each tribe: H7971 and I will send H6965 them, and they shall rise, H1980 and go H776 through the land, H3789 and describe H6310 it according H5159 to the inheritance H935 of them; and they shall come again to me.
  5 H2505 And they shall divide H7651 it into seven H2506 parts: H3063 Judah H5975 shall abide H1366 in their coast H5045 on the south, H1004 and the house H3130 of Joseph H5975 shall abide H1366 in their coasts H6828 on the north.
  6 H3789 You shall therefore describe H776 the land H7651 into seven H2506 parts, H935 and bring H3384 the description here to me, that I may cast H1486 lots H6311 for you here H6440 before H3068 the LORD H430 our God.
  7 H3881 But the Levites H3808 have no H2506 part H7130 among H3550 you; for the priesthood H3068 of the LORD H5159 is their inheritance: H1410 and Gad, H7205 and Reuben, H2677 and half H7626 the tribe H4519 of Manasseh, H3947 have received H5159 their inheritance H5676 beyond H3383 Jordan H4217 on the east, H834 which H4872 Moses H5650 the servant H3068 of the LORD H5414 gave them.
  8 H582 And the men H6965 arose, H3212 and went H3091 away: and Joshua H6680 charged H1980 them that went H3789 to describe H776 the land, H559 saying, H3212 Go H1980 and walk H776 through the land, H3789 and describe H7725 it, and come H7725 again H6311 to me, that I may here H7993 cast H1486 lots H6440 for you before H3068 the LORD H7887 in Shiloh.
  9 H582 And the men H3212 went H5674 and passed H776 through the land, H3789 and described H5892 it by cities H7651 into seven H2506 parts H5612 in a book, H935 and came H3091 again to Joshua H4264 to the host H7887 at Shiloh.
  10 H3091 And Joshua H7993 cast H1486 lots H7887 for them in Shiloh H6440 before H3068 the LORD: H8033 and there H3091 Joshua H2505 divided H776 the land H1121 to the children H3478 of Israel H4256 according to their divisions.
  11 H1486 And the lot H4294 of the tribe H1121 of the children H1144 of Benjamin H5927 came H4940 up according to their families: H1366 and the coast H1486 of their lot H3318 came H3318 forth H996 between H1121 the children H3063 of Judah H1121 and the children H3130 of Joseph.
  12 H1366 And their border H6828 on the north H6285 side H3383 was from Jordan; H1366 and the border H5927 went H3802 up to the side H3405 of Jericho H6828 on the north H5927 side, and went H2022 up through the mountains H3220 westward; H8444 and the goings H4057 out thereof were at the wilderness H1007 of Bethaven.
  13 H1366 And the border H5674 went H5674 over H8033 from there H3870 toward Luz, H3802 to the side H3870 of Luz, H1958 which H1008 is Bethel, H5045 southward; H1366 and the border H3381 descended H5853 to Atarothadar, H5921 near H2022 the hill H5045 that lies on the south H8481 side of the nether H1032 Bethhoron.
  14 H1366 And the border H8388 was drawn H5437 there, and compassed H6285 the corner H3220 of the sea H5045 southward, H2022 from the hill H5921 that lies before H6440 H1032 Bethhoron H5045 southward; H8444 and the goings H413 out thereof were at H7154 Kirjathbaal, H1958 which H7157 is Kirjathjearim, H5892 a city H1121 of the children H3063 of Judah: H2063 this H3220 was the west H6285 quarter.
  15 H5045 And the south H6285 quarter H7097 was from the end H7157 of Kirjathjearim, H1366 and the border H3318 went H3220 out on the west, H3318 and went H4599 out to the well H4325 of waters H5318 of Nephtoah:
  16 H1366 And the border H3381 came H3381 down H7097 to the end H2022 of the mountain H5921 that lies before H6440 H1516 the valley H1121 of the son H2011 of Hinnom, H834 and which H6010 is in the valley H7497 of the giants H6828 on the north, H3381 and descended H1516 to the valley H2011 of Hinnom, H3802 to the side H2983 of Jebusi H5045 on the south, H3381 and descended H5883 to Enrogel,
  17 H8388 And was drawn H6828 from the north, H3318 and went H3318 forth H5885 to Enshemesh, H3318 and went H3318 forth H413 toward H1553 Geliloth, H834 which H5227 is over H5227 against H4608 the going H131 up of Adummim, H3381 and descended H68 to the stone H932 of Bohan H1121 the son H7205 of Reuben,
  18 H5674 And passed H413 along toward H3802 the side H4136 over H4136 against H6160 Arabah H6828 northward, H3381 and went H3381 down H6160 to Arabah:
  19 H1366 And the border H5674 passed H3802 along to the side H1031 of Bethhoglah H6828 northward: H8444 and the outgoings H1366 of the border H6828 were at the north H3956 bay H4417 of the salt H3220 sea H5045 at the south H7097 end H3383 of Jordan: H2088 this H5045 was the south H1366 coast.
  20 H3383 And Jordan H1379 was the border H6924 of it on the east H6285 side. H2063 This H5159 was the inheritance H1121 of the children H1144 of Benjamin, H1367 by the coasts H5439 thereof round H4940 about, according to their families.
  21 H5892 Now the cities H4294 of the tribe H1121 of the children H1144 of Benjamin H4940 according to their families H3405 were Jericho, H1031 and Bethhoglah, H6010 and the valley H7104 of Keziz,
  22 H1026 And Betharabah, H6787 and Zemaraim, H1008 and Bethel,
  23 H5761 And Avim, H6511 and Pharah, H6084 and Ophrah,
  24 H3726 And Chepharhaammonai, H6078 and Ophni, H1387 and Gaba; H8147 twelve H6240 H5892 cities H2691 with their villages:
  25 H1391 Gibeon, H7414 and Ramah, H881 and Beeroth,
  26 H4708 And Mizpeh, H3716 and Chephirah, H4681 and Mozah,
  27 H7552 And Rekem, H3416 and Irpeel, H8634 and Taralah,
  28 H6762 And Zelah, H507 Eleph, H2983 and Jebusi, H1958 which H3389 is Jerusalem, H1394 Gibeath, H7157 and Kirjath; H702 fourteen H6246 H5892 cities H2691 with their villages. H2063 This H5159 is the inheritance H1121 of the children H1144 of Benjamin H4940 according to their families.