H1367 גּבלה גּבוּלה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

גּבלה גּבוּלה
ge bûlâh gebûlâh
gheb-oo-law', gheb-oo-law'
Feminine of H1366; a boundary, region

KJV Usage: border, bound, coast, landmark, place.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


גּבלה גּבוּלה

1. border, boundary
Origin: from H1366
TWOT: 307b
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) border, boundary

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10 occurrences of H1367 גּבלה גּבוּלה

Numbers 32:33 within the borders,
Numbers 34:2 with its borders:
Numbers 34:12 with its border
Deuteronomy 32:8 the bounds
Joshua 18:20 by its borders
Joshua 19:49 by their borders,
Job 24:2 the landmarks;
Psalms 74:17 all the borders
Isaiah 10:13 the bounds
Isaiah 28:25 in their place?

Distinct usage

2 the bounds
1 with its border
1 all the borders
1 in their place?
1 the landmarks;
1 within the borders,
1 with its borders:
1 by its borders
1 by their borders,

Related words


H1366 גּבל גּבוּל ge bûl gebûl

גּבל גּבוּל
ge bûl gebûl
gheb-ool', gheb-ool'
From H1379; properly a cord (as twisted), that is, (by implication) a boundary; by extension the territory inclosed

KJV Usage: border, bound, coast, X great, landmark, limit, quarter, space.

H1379 גּבל gâbal
A primitive root; properly to twist as a rope; only (as a denominative from H1366) to bound (as by a line)

KJV Usage: be border, set (bounds about).