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Psalms 90:12

  12 H3045 [H8685] So teach H4487 [H8800] us to number H3117 our days, H935 [H8686] that we may apply H3824 our hearts H2451 to wisdom.

Mark 8:36-37

  36 G1063 { For G5101 what G5623 [G5692] shall it profit G444 a man, G1437 if G2770 [G5661] he shall gain G3650 the whole G2889 world, G2532 and G2210 [G5686] lose G846 his own G5590 breath?}
  37 G2228 { Or G5101 what G1325 0 shall G444 a man G1325 [G5692] give G465 in exchange G846 for his G5590 breath?}

John 14:15

  15 G1437 { If G25 [G5725] ye love G3165 me, G5083 [G5657] keep G1699 my G1785 commandments.}

Deuteronomy 6:5

  5 H157 [H8804] And thou shalt love H3068 the LORD H430 thy God H3824 with all thy heart, H5315 and with all thy breath, H3966 and with all thy might.

Luke 10:38-42

  38 G1161 Now G1096 [G5633] it came to pass, G1722 as G846 they G4198 [G5738] were going, G2532   G846 he G1525 [G5627] entered G1519 into G5100 a certain G2968 village: G1161 and G5100 a certain G1135 woman G3686 named G3136 Martha G5264 [G5662] received G846 him G1519 into G846 her G3624 house.
  39 G2532 And G3592 she G2258 [G5713] had G79 a sister G2564 [G5746] called G3137 Mary, G3739 who G2532 also G3869 [G5660] sat G3844 at G2424 Jesus' G4228 feet, G191 [G5707] and heard G846 his G3056 word.
  40 G1161 But G3136 Martha G4049 [G5712] was distracted G4012 about G4183 much G1248 serving, G1161 and G2186 [G5631] having stood by, G1161 and G2036 [G5627] said, G2962 Lord, G3199 0 dost G4671 thou G3756 not G3199 [G5719] care G3754 that G3450 my G79 sister G2641 [G5627] hath left G3165 me G1247 [G5721] to serve G3441 alone? G2036 [G5628] speak G846 to her G3767 therefore G2443 that G4878 [G5638] she help G3427 me.
  41 G1161 And G2424 Jesus G611 [G5679] answered G2036 [G5627] and said G846 to her, G3136 { Martha, G3136 Martha, G3309 [G5719] thou art worried G2532 and G5182 [G5743] turbulent G4012 concerning G4183 many things:}
  42 G1161 { But G1520 one thing G2076 [G5748] is G5532 needful: G1161 and G3137 Mary G1586 [G5668] hath chosen G18 that good G3310 part, G3748 which G851 0 shall G3756 not G851 [G5701] be taken away G575 from G846 her.}

Exodus 20:3

  3 H312 Thou shalt have no other H430 gods H6440 before the face of me.

Luke 12:22-34

  22 G1161 And G2036 [G5627] he said G4314 to G846 his G3101 disciples, G1223 G5124 { Therefore G3004 [G5719] I say G5213 to you, G3309 0 Be G3361 not G3309 [G5720] anxious G5216 for your G5590 breath, G5101 what G5315 [G5632] ye shall eat; G3366 neither G4983 for the body, G5101 what G1746 [G5672] ye shall put on.}
  23 G5590 { The breath G2076 [G5748] is G4119 more G5160 than nourishment, G2532 and G4983 the body G1742 is more than raiment.}
  24 G2657 [G5657] { Consider G2876 the ravens: G3754 for G3756 they neither G4687 [G5719] sow G3761 nor G2325 [G5719] reap; G3739 which G3756 neither G2076 [G5748] have G5009 storehouse G3761 nor G596 barn; G2532 and G2316 God G5142 [G5719] nourisheth G846 them: G4214 how much G3123 more G1308 0 are G5210 ye G1308 [G5719] better than G4071 the fowls?}
  25 G1161 { And G5101 which G1537 of G5216 you G3309 [G5723] by being anxious G1410 [G5736] can G4369 [G5629] add G1909 to G846 his G2244 stature G1520 one G4083 cubit?}
  26 G1487 { If G3767 ye then G1410 0 are G3777 not G1410 [G5736] able to do G1646 that thing which is least, G5101 why G3309 [G5719] are ye anxious G4012 for G3062 the rest?}
  27 G2657 [G5657] { Consider G2918 the lilies G4459 how G837 [G5719] they grow: G2872 [G5719] they weary G3756 not, G3514 [G5719] they spin G3761 not; G1161 and yet G3004 [G5719] I say G5213 to you, G4672 that Solomon G1722 in G3956 all G846 his G1391 glory G4016 0 was G3761 not G4016 [G5639] arrayed G5613 like G1520 one G5130 of these.}
  28 G1487 { If G1161 then G2316 God G3779 so G294 [G5719] clothe G5528 the grass, G5607 [G5752] which G4594 is to day G1722 in G68 the field, G2532 and G839 to morrow G906 [G5746] is cast G1519 into G2823 the oven; G4214 how much G3123 more G5209 will he clothe you, G3640 O ye of little faith?}
  29 G2532 { And G2212 [G5720] seek G5210 ye G3361 not G5101 what G5315 [G5632] ye shall eat, G2228 or G5101 what G4095 [G5632] ye shall drink, G2532   G3361 neither G3349 [G5744] be ye of doubtful mind.}
  30 G1063 { For G3956 all G5023 these things G1934 0 do G1484 the nations G2889 of the world G1934 [G5719] seek after: G1161 and G5216 your G3962 Father G1492 [G5758] knoweth G3754 that G5535 [G5719] ye have need G5130 of these things.}
  31 G4133 { But rather G2212 [G5720] seek ye G932 the kingdom G2316 of God; G2532 and G3956 all G5023 these things G4369 [G5701] shall be added G5213 to you.}
  32 G5399 [G5737] { Fear G3361 not, G3398 little G4168 flock; G3754 for G2106 0 it is G5216 your G3962 Father's G2106 [G5656] good pleasure G1325 [G5629] to give G5213 you G932 the kingdom.}
  33 G4453 [G5657] { Sell G5216 what ye G5224 [G5723] have, G2532 and G1325 [G5628] give G1654 alms; G4160 [G5657] provide G1438 yourselves G905 bags G3822 0 which become G3361 not G3822 [G5746] old, G2344 a treasure G1722 in G3772 the heavens G413 that faileth not, G3699 where G3756 no G2812 thief G1448 [G5719] approacheth, G3761 neither G4597 moth G1311 [G5719] utterly corrupteth.}
  34 G1063 { For G3699 where G5216 your G2344 treasure G2076 [G5748] is, G1563 there G2071 0 will G5216 your G2588 heart G2071 [G5704] be G2532 also.}

1 Timothy 3:5

  5 G1161 (For G1536 if a man G1492 0 knoweth G3756 not G1492 [G5758] how G4291 [G5629] to rule G2398 his own G3624 house, G4459 how G1959 [G5695] shall he take care of G1577 the congregation G2316 of God?)

Luke 12:34

  34 G1063 { For G3699 where G5216 your G2344 treasure G2076 [G5748] is, G1563 there G2071 0 will G5216 your G2588 heart G2071 [G5704] be G2532 also.}

Romans 12:2

  2 G2532 And G4964 0 be G3361 not G4964 [G5728] conformed G5129 to this G165 age: G235 but G3339 [G5744] be ye transformed G342 by the renewing G5216 of your G3563 mind, G1519 that G5209 ye G1381 [G5721] may prove G5101 what G18 is that good, G2532 and G2101 well-pleasing, G2532 and G5046 perfect, G2307 will G2316 of God.

Matthew 6:33

  33 G1161 { But G2212 [G5720] seek ye G4412 first G932 the kingdom G2316 of God, G2532 and G846 his G1343 righteousness; G2532 and G3956 all G5023 these things G4369 [G5701] shall be added G5213 to you.}

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