G4133 πλήν - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
more than
however, nevertheless
however, nevertheless, but, except that, yet.
moreover (besides), i.e. albeit, save that, rather, yet
Derivation: from G4119;

KJV Usage: but (rather), except, nevertheless, notwithstanding, save, than.

adv., [in LXX for רַק, בַּד, אַךְ, etc. ;]
__1. introducing a clause (= ἀλλά, δέ; "it is obvious that πλήν was the regular word in the vulgar language": Bl., § 77, 13), yet, howbeit, only:
Refs Mat.11:22, 24 18:7 26:39, 64
(M, Pr., 86),
Refs Luk.6:24, 35 10:11, 14 10:20 11:41 12:31 13:33 17:1 18:8 19:27 22:21-22, 42
(WH, mg. om.)
Refs Luk.23:28, 1Co.11:11, Eph.5:33, Php.3:16 4:14, Rev.2:25
; π. ὅτι (Hdt., Plat., al.), except that, save that,
Refs Act.20:23, Php.1:18
__2. As prep., with genitive, except, save (cl.) :
Refs Mrk.12:32, Jhn.8:10, Act.8:1 15:28 27:22
1) moreover, besides, but, nevertheless
2) besides, except, but

From G4119; moreover (besides), that is, albeit, save that, rather, yet

KJV Usage: but (rather), except, nevertheless, notwithstanding, save, than.

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First 30 of 31 occurrences of G4133 πλήν

Matthew 11:22 But
Matthew 11:24 But
Matthew 18:7 but
Matthew 26:39 nevertheless
Matthew 26:64 nevertheless
Mark 12:32 but
Luke 6:24 But
Luke 6:35 But
Luke 10:11 however
Luke 10:14 But
Luke 10:20 However
Luke 11:41 But rather
Luke 12:31 But rather
Luke 13:33 Nevertheless
Luke 18:8 Nevertheless
Luke 19:27 But
Luke 22:21 But,
Luke 22:22 except
Luke 22:42 nevertheless
Luke 23:28 but
John 8:10 but
Acts 8:1 except
Acts 15:28 than
Acts 20:23 Except
Acts 27:22 but
1 Corinthians 11:11 Nevertheless
Ephesians 5:33 Nevertheless
Philippians 1:18 Only
Philippians 3:16 Nevertheless,
Philippians 4:14 However

Distinct usage

7 But
6 nevertheless
5 but
3 Except
2 however
2 But rather
1 However
1 Nevertheless
1 But,
1 than
1 Nevertheless,
1 Only

Corresponding Hebrew Words

plen H56 aval
plen H197 ulam
plen H389 akh
plen H403 akhen
plen H639 aph ki
plen H657 ephes
plen * H905 levad
plen * H1115 belet
plen H1297 beram
plen H2009 hinneh
plen H2108 zulah
plen H3588 ki im
plen H3861 lahen
plen H4327 min
plen H5921 al panim
plen H5973 immad
plen H6118 eqev
plen H7535 raq

Related words

G4133 πλήν

G4119 πλείων, πλεῖον, πλέον

πλείων, πλεῖον, πλέον
pleiōn pleion pleon
pli'-own, pli'-on, pleh'-on
Comparative of G4183; more in quantity, number, or quality; also (in plural) the major portion

KJV Usage: X above, + exceed, more excellent, further, (very) great (-er), long (-er), (very) many, greater (more) part, + yet but.

G1362 διπλοῦς
From G1364 and (probably) the base of G4119; two fold

KJV Usage: double, two-fold more.

G4121 πλεονάζω
From G4119; to do, make or be more, that is, increase (transitively or intransitively); by extension to superabound

KJV Usage: abound, abundant, make to increase, have over.

G4123 πλεονέκτης
From G4119 and G2192; holding (desiring) more, that is, eager for gain (avaricious, hence a defrauder)

KJV Usage: covetous.

G4183 πολύς, πολλός
πολύς, πολλός
polus polos
Including the forms from the alternate “pollos”; (singular) much (in any respect) or (plural) many; neuter (singular) as adverb largely; neuter (plural) as adverb or noun often, mostly, largely

KJV Usage: abundant, + altogether, common, + far (passed, spent), (+ be of a) great (age, deal, -ly, while), long, many, much, oft (-en [-times]), plenteous, sore, straitly.

Compare G4118, G4119.