Nehemiah 12

  1 H3548 Now these are the priests H3881 and the Levites H5927 [H8804] that went up H2216 with Zerubbabel H1121 the son H7597 of Shealtiel, H3442 and Jeshua: H8304 Seraiah, H3414 Jeremiah, H5830 Ezra,
  2 H568 Amariah, H4409 Malluch, H2407 Hattush,
  3 H7935 Shechaniah, H7348 Rehum, H4822 Meremoth,
  4 H5714 Iddo, H1599 Ginnetho, H29 Abijah,
  5 H4326 Miamin, H4573 Maadiah, H1083 Bilgah,
  6 H8098 Shemaiah, H3114 and Joiarib, H3048 Jedaiah,
  7 H5543 Sallu, H5987 Amok, H2518 Hilkiah, H3048 Jedaiah. H7218 These were the chief H3548 of the priests H251 and of their brethren H3117 in the days H3442 of Jeshua.
  8 H3881 Moreover the Levites: H3442 Jeshua, H1131 Binnui, H6934 Kadmiel, H8274 Sherebiah, H3063 Judah, H4983 and Mattaniah, H1960 who was over the thanksgiving, H251 he and his brethren.
  9 H1229 Also Bakbukiah H6042 and Unni, H251 their brethren, H4931 stood opposite them in the watches.
  10 H3442 And Jeshua H3205 [H8689] begat H3113 Joiakim, H3113 Joiakim H3205 [H8689] also begat H475 Eliashib, H475 and Eliashib H3205 [H8689] begat H3111 Joiada,
  11 H3111 And Joiada H3205 [H8689] begat H3129 Jonathan, H3129 and Jonathan H3205 [H8689] begat H3037 Jaddua.
  12 H3117 And in the days H3113 of Joiakim H3548 were priests, H7218 the heads H1 of the fathers: H8304 of Seraiah, H4811 Meraiah; H3414 of Jeremiah, H2608 Hananiah;
  13 H5830 Of Ezra, H4918 Meshullam; H568 of Amariah, H3076 Jehohanan;
  14 H4409 Of Melicu, H3129 Jonathan; H7645 of Shebaniah, H3130 Joseph;
  15 H2766 Of Harim, H5733 Adna; H4812 of Meraioth, H2517 Helkai;
  16 H5714 Of Iddo, H2148 Zechariah; H1599 of Ginnethon, H4918 Meshullam;
  17 H29 Of Abijah, H2147 Zichri; H4509 of Miniamin, H4153 of Moadiah, H6408 Piltai;
  18 H1083 Of Bilgah, H8051 Shammua; H8098 of Shemaiah, H3083 Jehonathan;
  19 H3114 And of Joiarib, H4982 Mattenai; H3048 of Jedaiah, H5813 Uzzi;
  20 H5543 Of Sallai, H7040 Kallai; H5987 of Amok, H5677 Eber;
  21 H2518 Of Hilkiah, H2811 Hashabiah; H3048 of Jedaiah, H5417 Nethaneel.
  22 H3881 The Levites H3117 in the days H475 of Eliashib, H3111 Joiada, H3110 and Johanan, H3037 and Jaddua, H3789 [H8803] were recorded H7218 heads H1 of the fathers: H3548 also the priests, H4438 to the reign H1867 of Darius H6542 the Persian.
  23 H1121 The sons H3878 of Levi, H7218 the heads H1 of the fathers, H3789 [H8803] were written H5612 in the book H1697 of the chronicles, H3117 even till the days H3110 of Johanan H1121 the son H475 of Eliashib.
  24 H7218 And the chief H3881 of the Levites: H2811 Hashabiah, H8274 Sherebiah, H3442 and Jeshua H1121 the son H6934 of Kadmiel, H251 with their brethren H1984 [H8763] opposite them, to praise H3034 [H8687] and to give thanks, H4687 according to the commandment H1732 of David H376 the man H430 of God, H4929 division H5980 side by side with H4929 division.
  25 H4983 Mattaniah, H1229 and Bakbukiah, H5662 Obadiah, H4918 Meshullam, H2929 Talmon, H6126 Akkub, H7778 were porters H8104 [H8802] keeping H4929 the watch H624 at the storehouses H8179 of the gates.
  26 H3117 These were in the days H3113 of Joiakim H1121 the son H3442 of Jeshua, H1121 the son H3136 of Jozadak, H3117 and in the days H5166 of Nehemiah H6346 the governor, H5830 and of Ezra H3548 the priest, H5608 [H8802] the scribe.
  27 H2598 And at the dedication H2346 of the wall H3389 of Jerusalem H1245 [H8765] they sought H3881 the Levites H4725 out of all their places, H935 [H8687] to bring H3389 them to Jerusalem, H6213 [H8800] to keep H2598 the dedication H8057 with gladness, H8426 both with thanksgivings, H7892 and with singing, H4700 with cymbals, H5035 psalteries, H3658 and with harps.
  28 H1121 And the sons H7891 [H8789] of the singers H622 [H8735] gathered themselves together, H3603 both out of the plain country H5439 around H3389 Jerusalem, H2691 and from the villages H5200 of Netophathi;
  29 H1004 Also from the house H1537 H1019 [H8677] of Gilgal, H7704 and from the fields H1387 of Geba H5820 and Azmaveth: H7891 [H8789] for the singers H1129 [H8804] had built H2691 them villages H5439 around H3389 Jerusalem.
  30 H3548 And the priests H3881 and the Levites H2891 [H8691] purified H2891 [H8762] themselves, and purified H5971 the people, H8179 and the gates, H2346 and the wall.
  31 H5927 [H8686] Then I brought up H8269 the princes H3063 of Judah H2346 upon the wall, H5975 [H8686] and appointed H8147 two H1419 great H8426 companies of them that gave thanks, H8418 of which one went H3225 on the right hand H2346 upon the wall H830 toward the dung H8179 gate:
  32 H310 And after H3212 [H8799] them went H1955 Hoshaiah, H2677 and half H8269 of the princes H3063 of Judah,
  33 H5838 And Azariah, H5830 Ezra, H4918 and Meshullam,
  34 H3063 Judah, H1144 and Benjamin, H8098 and Shemaiah, H3414 and Jeremiah,
  35 H3548 And certain of the priests' H1121 sons H2689 with trumpets; H2148 namely, Zechariah H1121 the son H3129 of Jonathan, H1121 the son H8098 of Shemaiah, H1121 the son H4983 of Mattaniah, H1121 the son H4320 of Michaiah, H1121 the son H2139 of Zaccur, H1121 the son H623 of Asaph:
  36 H251 And his brethren, H8098 Shemaiah, H5832 and Azarael, H4450 Milalai, H1562 Gilalai, H4597 Maai, H5417 Nethaneel, H3063 and Judah, H2607 Hanani, H7892 with the musical H3627 instruments H1732 of David H376 the man H430 of God, H5830 and Ezra H5608 [H8802] the scribe H6440 at the face of them.
  37 H5869 And at the fountain H8179 gate, H5927 [H8804] which was opposite them, they went up H4609 by the stairs H5892 of the city H1732 of David, H4608 at the ascent H2346 of the wall, H1004 above the house H1732 of David, H4325 even to the water H8179 gate H4217 eastward.
  38 H8145 And the other H8426 company of them that gave thanks H1980 [H8802] went H4136 to meet H310 them, and I after H2677 them, and the half H5971 of the people H2346 upon the wall, H4026 from beyond the tower H8574 of the furnaces H7342 even to the broad H2346 wall;
  39 H8179 And from above the gate H669 of Ephraim, H3465 and above the old H8179 gate, H1709 and above the fish H8179 gate, H4026 and the tower H2606 of Hananeel, H4026 and the tower H3968 of Meah, H6629 even to the sheep H8179 gate: H5975 [H8804] and they stood still H4307 in the prison H8179 gate.
  40 H5975 [H8799] So stood H8147 the two H8426 companies of them that gave thanks H1004 in the house H430 of God, H2677 and I, and the half H5461 of the rulers with me:
  41 H3548 And the priests; H471 Eliakim, H4641 Maaseiah, H4509 Miniamin, H4320 Michaiah, H454 Elioenai, H2148 Zechariah, H2608 and Hananiah, H2689 with trumpets;
  42 H4641 And Maaseiah, H8098 and Shemaiah, H499 and Eleazar, H5813 and Uzzi, H3076 and Jehohanan, H4441 and Malchijah, H5867 and Elam, H5829 and Ezer. H7891 [H8789] And the singers H8085 [H8686] sang loud, H3156 with Jezrahiah H6496 their overseer.
  43 H3117 Also that day H2076 [H8799] they offered H1419 great H2077 sacrifices, H8055 [H8799] and rejoiced: H430 for God H8055 [H8765] had made them rejoice H1419 with great H8057 joy: H802 the wives H3206 also and the children H8055 [H8804] rejoiced: H8057 so that the joy H3389 of Jerusalem H8085 [H8735] was heard H7350 even afar off.
  44 H3117 And at that time H582 were some H6485 [H8735] appointed H5393 over the chambers H214 for the treasures, H8641 for the offerings, H7225 for the firstfruits, H4643 and for the tithes, H3664 [H8800] to gather H7704 into them out of the fields H5892 of the cities H4521 the portions H8451 of the law H3548 for the priests H3881 and Levites: H3063 for Judah H8057 rejoiced H3548 for the priests H3881 and for the Levites H5975 [H8802] that waited.
  45 H7891 [H8789] And both the singers H7778 and the porters H8104 [H8799] kept H4931 the charge H430 of their God, H4931 and the charge H2893 of the purification, H4687 according to the commandment H1732 of David, H8010 and of Solomon H1121 his son.
  46 H3117 For in the days H1732 of David H623 and Asaph H6924 of old H7218 there were leaders H7891 [H8789] of the singers, H7892 and songs H8416 of praise H3034 [H8687] and thanksgiving H430 to God.
  47 H3478 And all Israel H3117 in the days H2216 of Zerubbabel, H3117 and in the days H5166 of Nehemiah, H5414 [H8802] gave H4521 the portions H7891 [H8789] of the singers H7778 and the porters, H3117 every day H1697 his portion: H6942 [H8688] and they sanctified H3881 holy things to the Levites; H3881 and the Levites H6942 [H8688] sanctified H1121 them to the sons H175 of Aaron.