Nehemiah 12

Thomson(i) 1 Now these are the priests and the Levites who came up with Zorobabel son of Salathiel and Jesus, Saraia, Jeremia, Esdra, 2 Amaria, Maluch, 3 Sechenia, 4 [Omitted] 5 [Omitted] 6 [Omitted] 7 these were the chiefs of the priests; and their brethren in the days of Jesus, 8 namely the Levites, were Jesu, Banui, Kadmiel, Sarabaia, Jodae, Matthania. He was superintendant, 9 and their brethren were for the courses. 10 And Jesus begot Joakim and Joakim begot Eliasib and Eliasib begot Jodae, 11 and Jodae begot Jonathan, and Jonathan begot Jadu. 12 And in the days of Joakim his brethren the priests, the chiefs of the families were for Saraia, Amaria; for Jeremia, Anania; 13 for Esdra, Mesulam; for Amaria, Joanan; 14 for Amaluch, Jonathan; for Sechenia, Joseph; 15 for Are, Mannas; for Marioth, Elkai; 16 for Adadai, Zacharia; for Ganathoth, Mesolam; 17 for Abia, Zechri; for Miamin, Maadai; for Pheleti; 18 for Balgas, Samue; for Semia, Jonathan; 19 for Joarib, Matthanai; for Edio, Ozi; 20 for Salai, Kallai; for Amek, Abed; 21 for Elkia, Asabias; for Jediu, Nathaniel. 22 And in the days of Eliasib, these Levites, Joada and Joa, and Joanan and Idua were enrolled chiefs of the families, and they were the priests in the reign of Darius the Persian. 23 Now the Levites enrolled as heads of the families in the book of Chronicles, continued till the days of Joanan son of Elisue. 24 And these were the chiefs of the Levites, Asabia and Sarabia and Jesu, and the sons of Kadmiel and their brethren, were over against them for the hymn, to sing praises according to the command of David the man of God course for course. 25 When I had collected the keepers of the gates 26 in the days of Joakim, son of Jesus, son of Josedek, even in the days of Nehemias, when Esdras was the priest and scribe, 27 at the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem, they sought the Levites in all their places to bring them to Jerusalem, to make the dedication with joyful thanksgivings and with songs, accompanied with cymbals and psalteries and kinyras; 28 and the sons of the musicians were assembled at Jerusalem from the neighbourhood around, 29 both from the villages and the fields. For the musicians at Jerusalem had built villages for themselves. 30 And the priests and the Levites having purified themselves, purified also the people, and the keepers of the gates and the wall. 31 Then they brought up the chiefs of Juda upon the wall, and having appointed two great companies for the songs of praise, they proceeded on from the right upon the wall of the dung gate; 32 and after them went Osaia and half of the chiefs of Juda, 33 Namely, Azarias and Esdras, and Mesolam 34 and Juda, and Benjamin and Samaias, and Jeremia 35 and some of the sons of the priests, with trumpets, Zacharias, son Jonathan, son Samaia, son Matthania, son Michaia, son Zakchur, son Asaph 36 and his brethren, Samaia and Oziel, Gelol, Jama, Aia, Nathaniel and Juda, Anani, to sing praises in the songs of David, the man of God. 37 And Esdras the scribe was before those at the gate, to sing praises over against these. And they went up the stairs of the city of David, by the ascent of the wall above the house of David, and on to the water gate 38 [Omitted] 39 of Ephraim, and over the fish gate, and by the tower of Anameel, and on to the sheep gate. 40 [Omitted] 41 [Omitted] 42 And the musicians were heard though they were hid from view. 43 And on that day they offered great sacrifices, and rejoiced. Because God had given them great joy, therefore their wives and their children rejoiced, and the joy of Jerusalem was heard at a great distance. 44 And on that day they appointed chief men over the store houses for the treasures, the dedications, and the tythes, and what were collected therein for the chiefs of the cities, and assigned portions for the priests and the Levites. For Juda rejoiced at the attendance of the priests and the Levites, 45 as they kept the watches of their God and the watches of purification; and at the attendance of the musicians and the keepers of the gates, as they were instituted by the command of David and his son Solomon. 46 Because in the days of David at the institution, Asaph was the first of them who sung hymns and praises to God, therefore in the days of Zorobabel and in the days of Nehemias, 47 all Israel continued the giving daily portions to the musicians and to the keepers of the gates, dedicating them to the Levites, and the Levites dedicating them to the sons of Aaron.