Nehemiah 11

  1 H8269 And the rulers H5971 of the people H3427 [H8799] dwelt H3389 at Jerusalem: H7605 the rest H5971 of the people H5307 [H8689] also cast H1486 lots, H935 [H8687] to bring H259 one H6235 of ten H3427 [H8800] to dwell H3389 in Jerusalem H6944 the holy H5892 city, H8672 and nine H3027 parts H5892 to dwell in other cities.
  2 H5971 And the people H1288 [H8762] blessed H582 all the men, H5068 [H8693] that willingly offered H3427 [H8800] themselves to dwell H3389 at Jerusalem.
  3 H7218 Now these are the chief H4082 of the province H3427 [H8804] that dwelt H3389 in Jerusalem: H5892 but in the cities H3063 of Judah H3427 [H8804] dwelt H376 every one H272 in his possession H5892 in their cities, H3478 that is, Israel, H3548 the priests, H3881 and the Levites, H5411 and the Nethinims, H1121 and the sons H8010 of Solomon's H5650 servants.
  4 H3389 And at Jerusalem H3427 [H8804] dwelt H1121 certain of the sons H3063 of Judah, H1121 and of the sons H1144 of Benjamin. H1121 Of the sons H3063 of Judah; H6265 Athaiah H1121 the son H5818 of Uzziah, H1121 the son H2148 of Zechariah, H1121 the son H568 of Amariah, H1121 the son H8203 of Shephatiah, H1121 the son H4111 of Mahalaleel, H1121 of the sons H6557 of Perez;
  5 H4641 And Maaseiah H1121 the son H1263 of Baruch, H1121 the son H3626 of Colhozeh, H1121 the son H2382 of Hazaiah, H1121 the son H5718 of Adaiah, H1121 the son H3114 of Joiarib, H1121 the son H2148 of Zechariah, H1121 the son H8023 of Shiloni.
  6 H1121 All the sons H6557 of Perez H3427 [H8802] that dwelt H3389 at Jerusalem H702 were four H3967 hundred H8346 and sixty H8083 and eight H2428 valiant H582 men.
  7 H1121 And these are the sons H1144 of Benjamin; H5543 Sallu H1121 the son H4918 of Meshullam, H1121 the son H3133 of Joed, H1121 the son H6305 of Pedaiah, H1121 the son H6964 of Kolaiah, H1121 the son H4641 of Maaseiah, H1121 the son H384 of Ithiel, H1121 the son H3470 of Jesaiah.
  8 H310 And after H1373 him Gabbai, H5543 Sallai, H8672 nine H3967 hundred H6242 and twenty H8083 and eight.
  9 H3100 And Joel H1121 the son H2147 of Zichri H6496 was their overseer: H3063 and Judah H1121 the son H5574 of Senuah H4932 was second H5892 over the city.
  10 H3548 Of the priests: H3048 Jedaiah H1121 the son H3114 of Joiarib, H3199 Jachin.
  11 H8304 Seraiah H1121 the son H2518 of Hilkiah, H1121 the son H4918 of Meshullam, H1121 the son H6659 of Zadok, H1121 the son H4812 of Meraioth, H1121 the son H285 of Ahitub, H5057 was the ruler H1004 of the house H430 of God.
  12 H251 And their brethren H6213 [H8802] that performed H4399 the work H1004 of the house H8083 were eight H3967 hundred H6242 and twenty H8147 and two: H5718 and Adaiah H1121 the son H3395 of Jeroham, H1121 the son H6421 of Pelaliah, H1121 the son H557 of Amzi, H1121 the son H2148 of Zechariah, H1121 the son H6583 of Pashur, H1121 the son H4441 of Malchiah,
  13 H251 And his brethren, H7218 heads H1 of the fathers' H8147 houses, two H3967 hundred H705 and forty H8147 and two: H6023 and Amashai H1121 the son H5832 of Azareel, H1121 the son H273 of Ahasai, H1121 the son H4919 of Meshillemoth, H1121 the son H564 of Immer,
  14 H251 And their brethren, H1368 mighty men H2428 of valour, H3967 an hundred H6242 and twenty H8083 and eight: H6496 and their overseer H2068 was Zabdiel, H1121 the son H1419 of one of the great men.
  15 H3881 Also of the Levites: H8098 Shemaiah H1121 the son H2815 of Hashub, H1121 the son H5840 of Azrikam, H1121 the son H2811 of Hashabiah, H1121 the son H1138 of Bunni;
  16 H7678 And Shabbethai H3107 and Jozabad, H7218 of the chief H3881 of the Levites, H2435 had the oversight of the outward H4399 business H1004 of the house H430 of God.
  17 H4983 And Mattaniah H1121 the son H4316 of Micha, H1121 the son H2067 of Zabdi, H1121 the son H623 of Asaph, H7218 was the chief H8462 to begin H3034 [H8686] the thanksgiving H8605 in prayer: H1229 and Bakbukiah H4932 the second H251 among his brethren, H5653 and Abda H1121 the son H8051 of Shammua, H1121 the son H1559 of Galal, H1121 the son H3038 of Jeduthun.
  18 H3881 All the Levites H6944 in the holy H5892 city H3967 were two hundred H8084 and eighty H702 and four.
  19 H7778 Moreover the porters, H6126 Akkub, H2929 Talmon, H251 and their brethren H8104 [H8802] that kept H8179 the gates, H3967 were an hundred H7657 and seventy H8147 and two.
  20 H7605 And the rest H3478 of Israel, H3548 of the priests, H3881 and the Levites, H5892 were in all the cities H3063 of Judah, H376 every one H5159 in his inheritance.
  21 H5411 But the Nethinims H3427 [H8802] dwelt H6077 in Ophel: H6727 and Ziha H1658 and Gispa H5411 were over the Nethinims.
  22 H6496 The overseer H3881 also of the Levites H3389 at Jerusalem H5813 was Uzzi H1121 the son H1137 of Bani, H1121 the son H2811 of Hashabiah, H1121 the son H4983 of Mattaniah, H1121 the son H4316 of Micha. H1121 Of the sons H623 of Asaph, H7891 [H8789] the singers H5048 were over H4399 the business H1004 of the house H430 of God.
  23 H4428 For it was the king's H4687 commandment H548 concerning them, that a certain portion H7891 [H8789] should be for the singers, H3117 as every day H1697 required.
  24 H6611 And Pethahiah H1121 the son H4898 of Meshezabeel, H1121 of the sons H2226 of Zerah H1121 the son H3063 of Judah, H4428 was at the king's H3027 hand H1697 in all matters H5971 concerning the people.
  25 H2691 And for the villages, H7704 with their fields, H1121 some of the sons H3063 of Judah H3427 [H8804] dwelt H7153 at Kirjatharba, H2691 and in its villages, H1769 and at Dibon, H1323 and in its villages, H3343 and at Jekabzeel, H1323 and in its villages,
  26 H3442 And at Jeshua, H4137 and at Moladah, H1046 and at Bethphelet,
  27 H2705 And at Hazarshual, H884 and at Beersheba, H1323 and in its villages,
  28 H6860 And at Ziklag, H4368 and at Mekonah, H1323 and in its villages,
  29 H5884 And at Enrimmon, H6881 and at Zareah, H3412 and at Jarmuth,
  30 H2182 Zanoah, H5725 Adullam, H2691 and in their villages, H3923 at Lachish, H7704 and its fields, H5825 at Azekah, H1323 and in its villages. H2583 [H8799] And they dwelt H884 from Beersheba H1516 to the valley H2011 of Hinnom.
  31 H1121 The sons H1144 also of Benjamin H1387 from Geba H4363 dwelt at Michmash, H5857 and Aija, H1008 and Bethel, H1323 and in their villages,
  32 H6068 And at Anathoth, H5011 Nob, H6055 Ananiah,
  33 H2674 Hazor, H7414 Ramah, H1664 Gittaim,
  34 H2307 Hadid, H6650 Zeboim, H5041 Neballat,
  35 H3850 Lod, H207 and Ono, H1516 the valley H2791 H2798 [H8677] of craftsmen.
  36 H3881 And of the Levites H4256 were divisions H3063 in Judah, H1144 and in Benjamin.