H8672 תּשׁעה תּשׁע - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

תּשׁעה תּשׁע
têsha‛ tish‛âh
tay'-shah, tish-aw'
The second form is the masculine of the first; perhaps from H8159 through the idea of a turn to the next or full number ten; nine or (ordinal) ninth

KJV Usage: nine (+ -teen, + -teenth, -th).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

תּשׁעה תּשׁע

1. nine, nonad
a. nine (as cardinal number)
b. ninth (as ordinal number)
c. in combination with other numbers
Origin: perhaps from H8159 through the idea of a turn to the next or full number ten
TWOT: 2550
Parts of Speech: Noun

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First 30 of 57 occurrences of H8672 תּשׁעה תּשׁע

Genesis 5:5 were nine
Genesis 5:8 were nine
Genesis 5:11 were nine
Genesis 5:14 were nine
Genesis 5:20 were nine
Genesis 5:27 were nine
Genesis 5:27 and nine
Genesis 9:29 were nine
Genesis 11:19 and nine
Genesis 11:24 nine
Genesis 11:25 and nineteen
Genesis 17:1 and nine
Genesis 17:24 and nine
Exodus 38:24 and nine
Leviticus 23:32 in the ninth
Leviticus 25:8 and nine
Numbers 1:23 and nine
Numbers 2:13 and nine
Numbers 29:26 nine
Numbers 34:13 to the nine
Deuteronomy 3:11 nine
Joshua 13:7 to the nine
Joshua 14:2 for the nine
Joshua 15:32 and nine,
Joshua 15:44 nine
Joshua 15:54 nine
Joshua 19:38 nineteen
Joshua 21:16 nine
Judges 4:3 for he had nine
Judges 4:13 even nine

Distinct usage

15 nine
12 and nine
7 were nine
2 in the ninth
2 to the nine
2 nineteen
2 in the nine
2 The nineteenth
1 and nineteen
1 for the nine
1 and nine,
1 for he had nine
1 even nine
1 of nine
1 that is the ninth
1 And on the ninth
1 which is the nineteenth
1 nine.
1 and ninth
1 and nine.
1 the ninth
1 which was the nineteenth