Nehemiah 11

Great(i) 1 And the rulers of the people dwelt at Ierusalem. The other people also cast lottes, that amonge ten, one parte shulde go to Ierusalem into the holy cytie to dwell, and nyne partes to be in the cyties. 2 And the people thanked all the men, that were wyllynge to dwell at Ierusalem. 3 These are the heades of the lande, that dwelt in Ierusalem and in the cyties of Iuda, euery one in hys possessyon, and in theyr cyties: they of Israell, the preastes, Leuytes, the Nethinims, and the chyldren of Salomons seruauntes. 4 And at Ierusalem dwelt certayne of the chyldren of Iuda and of BenIamin. Of the chyldren of Iuda: Athaia the sonne of Usia, the sonne of Zachary, the sonne of Amaria, the sonne of Saphatia, the sonne of Mahalaleell, of the chyldren of Phares. 5 And Maasia the sonne of Baruch, the sonne of Chal Hose, the sonne of Hasaia, the sonne of Adaia, the sonne of Ioiarib, the sonne of Zachary, the sonne of Siloni. 6 All these were the chyldren of Phares that dwelt at Ierusalem: euen foure .C. thre score and eyght valeaunt men. 7 These are the children of BenIamin: Sallu the sonne of Mesullam, the sonne of Ioed, the sonne of Pedaia, the sonne of Calaia, the sonne of Masia, the sonne of Ithiel, the sonne of Isai. 8 And after hym Gabai, Selai nyne hundreth and eyght & twentye. 9 And Ioel the sonne of Zichri had the ouersyght of them: and Iuda the sonne of Senua was next ouer the cytie. 10 Of the preastes: Iedaiah the sonne of Ioiarib, Iachin. 11 Saraiah the sonne of Helkia the sonne of Mesullam, the sonne of Zadoc, the sonne of Meraioth, the sonne of Ahitob, was prince in the house of God: 12 and hys brethren that perfourmed the worke in the temple .viij.C. and .xxij. And Adaia the sonne of Ieroham, the sonne of Plalaliel, the sonne of Amzi, the sonne of Zachary, the sonne of Phashur the sonne of Malchia 13 and his brethren chefe amonge the fathers: two hundreth and two and fortye. And Amasai the sonne of Isarel the sonne of Ahasai, the sonne of Moselemoth, the sonne of Immer: 14 and hys brethren were valiaunt men, an hundreth and eyght & twentye. And theyr ouersear was Zabdiel a sonne of one of the great men. 15 Of the Leuytes: Semeia the sonne of Hasub the sonne of Aserikam, the sonne of Hasabia the sonne of Bunni: 16 and Sabathai and Iosabab of the chefe of the Leuites, had the ouersight of the outwarde busynes of the house of God. 17 And Mathania the sonne of Micha, the sonne of Zabdi, the sonne of Asaph, was the principall to begynne the thankesgeuynge and prayer. And bakbukia the seconde amonge hys brethren, and Abda the sonne of Sammua, the sonne of Galai, the sonne of Ieduthun. 18 All the Leuites in the holy cytie were two hundreth foure skore and foure. 19 And the porters Acub and Talmon, & theyr brethren that kepte the portes, were an hundreth and two and seuentye. 20 As for the resydue of Israel, the preastes and Leuites, they were in all the cyties of Iuda, euery one in hys inherytaunce. 21 And the Nethinims dwelt in Ophel: and Ziba and Gispa was set ouer the Nethinims. 22 The ouersear of the Leuites at Ierusalem, was Usi the sonne of Baani, the sonne of Hasabia, the sonne of Mathania, the sonne of Micha. Of the chyldren of Asaph there were syngers aboute the busynes in the house of God: 23 for it was the kynges commaundement concernyng them, that the syngers shulde deale faythfully euery daye as was accordynge. 24 And Pathaia the sonne of Mesebabel of the chyldren of Zerah the sonne of Iuda nexte the kynge in all matters concernynge the people, and theyr vyllages, and landes. 25 And some of the chyldren of Iuda that were wythout in the townes of theyr lande dwelt at Kariath Arbe, and in the vyllages therof, at Didon, and in the vyllages therof: 26 and at Iecabzeel, and in the vyllages therof: at Iesua, Moladah, Bethphalet 27 in the towne of Sual: Beerseba, and in theyr vyllages, 28 at Sikelag and Moconah, and in theyr vyllages: 29 And at Enremon, Zarah, Ierimuth, 30 Zonoa, Odollam and in theyr vyllages: At Lachis, and in the feldes therof: At Aseka, & in the villages therof: and they dwelt from Bersabe vnto the valley of Hinnon. 31 The chyldren also of BenIamin of Geba, dwelt a Machinas, Aia, Bethel and in theyr vyllages. 32 And at Anathoth, Nob, Ananiah, 33 Hazor, Ramah, Gethaim, 34 Hadid, Zeboim, Nabalath, 35 Lod, and Ono, the carpenters valley. 36 And the Leuytes had possessyon both in Iuda and in BenIamin.