Nehemiah 11

Matthew(i) 1 And the rulers of the people dwelt at Ierusalem. But the other people cast lottes therfor, so that amonge ten one parte wente to Ierusalem into the holy citie to dwell, and nyne partes in the cytyes. 2 And the people thanked al the men that were wylling to dwell at Ierusalem. 3 These are the heades of the lande that dwelte in Ierusalem and in the cities of Iuda. And euery one dwelt in hys possession, & in their cyties of Israel, the priestes, Leuites, the Nethinims, and the chyldren of Salomons seruauntes. 4 And at Ierusalem dwelte certayne of the chyldren of Iuda and Beniamin. Of the chyldren of Iuda: Athaiah the sonne of Vsiah the sonne of Zachary, the sonne of Amariah, the sonne of Saphatiah, the sonne of Mahalaleel, of the children of Phares. 5 And Maasiah the sonne of Baruch, the sonne of Chal Hose, the sonne of Hasoi, the sonne of Adaia, the sonne of Ioiarib, the sonne of Zachary the sonne of Siloni. 6 And the children of Phares that dwelt at Ierusalem, were four .C. and eight and thre score valeaunt men. 7 These are the children of BenIamin: Sallu the sonne of Mesullam, the sonne of Ioeb, the sonne of Phadaiah, the sonne of Colaiah the sonne of Masiah, the sonne of Ithiel, the sonne of Isaiah. 8 And after hym Abai, Selai nyne hundreth and eyght and twentye. 9 And Ioel the sonne of Zechri had the ouersyght of them: and Iuda the sonne of Senuah ouer the seconde parte of the cytye. 10 Of the priestes there dwelte: Iedaiah the sonne of Ioiarib, Iachin. 11 Saraiah the sonne of Helkiah the sonne of Mosolam, the sonne of Zadoc, the sonne of Meraioth, the sonne of Ahitob, was prince in the house of God: 12 and his brethren that perfourmed the worke in the house: of whom there were .viij.C. and .xxij. And Adaiah the sonne of Ieroham, the sonne of Plalahel, the sonne of Amazi, the sonne of Zachary, the sonne of Phashur the sonne of Melchia 13 and hys brethren, chefe among the fathers: of whome there were two hundreth and two and fortye. And Amasai the sonne of Asarael the sonne of Ahasai the sonne of Mosolamoth, the sonne of Emer: 14 and hys brethren were valeaunt men, of whom there were an hundreth & eyght & twentye. And theyr ouersear was Zabdiel the soune of Hagdolim. 15 Of the Leuites: Semeiah the sonne of Hasub, the sonne of Aserikam, the sonne of Hasabiah the sonne of Boni, 16 and Sabathai and Iosabad of the chefe of the Leuytes, in the outewarde busynes of the house of GOD. 17 And Mathaniah the sonne of Micha, the sonne of Zabdi, the sonne of Asaph, whiche was the pryncypall to begynne the thankesgeuyng vnto prayer. And Bakbukiah the seconde amonge hys brethren, and Abda the sonne of Sammua, the sonne of Galal, the sonne of Iduthun. 18 All the Leuytes in the holye cytye were two hundreth and foure and foure skore. 19 And the porters Acub and Talmon and theyr brethren that kepte the portes, were an hundreth and two and seuenty. 20 As for the residue of Israel, the priestes and Leuytes, they were in all the cytyes of Iuda, euerye one in hys inheritaunce. 21 And the Nethinims dwelt in Ophel: and Ziha and Gaspha belonged vnto the Nethinims. 22 The ouersear of the Leuites at Ierusalem, was Vsi the sonne of Baani, the sonne of Hasabiah, the sonne of Mathaniah, the sonne of Micha. Of the chyldren of Asaph there were syngers aboute the busynes in the house of God: 23 for it was the kynges commaundemente concernyng them, that the syngers shulde deale faythfullye euerye daye as accordynge was. 24 And Pathaiah the sonne of Mesesabel of the chyldren of Zarah the sonne of Iuda next the kynge in all matters concernyng the people and theyr vyllages, thorowoute all theyr regyons. 25 And the children of Iuda that were without in the tounes of theyr lande, dwelte some at Kariath Arbe, & in the vyllages there of, and at Dibon, and in the vyllages there of: 26 and at Cabzeel, & in the vyllages thereof: & at Iesua, Moladah, Bethphalet, 27 Hazersuall, Bersabe and in theyr vyllages: 28 and at Sikelag and Moconah, & in theyr vyllages: 29 And at Euremon, Zarah, Ierimuth, 30 Zonoah, Odollam and in theyr vyllages: At Lachys, and in the feldes there of. At Asekah, and in the vyllages thereof: and dwelt from Bersabe vnto the valleye of Hennom. 31 The children of Beniamin of Gaba, dwelt at Machmas, Aia, Bethel and in theyr vyllages. 32 And at Anathoth, Nob, Ananiah, 33 Hazor, Ramah, Gethaim, 34 Hadid Zeboim, Nabalat 35 Lod, Ono & in the carpenters valleye. 36 And certayne of the Leuites that had porcyons in Iuda, dwelte in BenIamin.