Nehemiah 10

Great(i) 1 The sealers were: Nehemiah (that is) Hathirsatha the sonne of Hachaliah and Zedekia, 2 Saraia, Asariah, and Ieremy, 3 Phashur, Amaria, Malchia, 4 Hatus, Sebaniah, Malluch, 5 Harim, Merimoth, and Obadia, 6 Daniel, Ienthon, & Baruch, 7 Mesulam, Abia, and Miamin, 8 Maasia, Belgai and Semeia, these were preastes. 9 The Leuytes were: Iesua the sonne of Azania, Benui amonge the chyldren of Henadad and Cadmiel. 10 And their brethren: Sechania, Hodia, Celita, Pelaia, Hanan, 11 Micha, Rehob, and Hasabiah, 12 Sachur, Serebia, Sabania, 13 Hodia, Bani & Beninu. 14 The heades of the people were: Phares, the captayne of Moab, Elam, Zathu, and Bani, 15 Boni, Asgad, Bebai, 16 Adonia, Begoai, Adin, 17 Ater, Hezekia, Asur, 18 Hodia, Hasum, Bezai, 19 Harip, Anathoth, & Nebai, 20 Magphias, Mesulam, Hesir, 21 Mesesabel, Zadoc, Iaddua, 22 Phalatia, Hanan, Anaia, 23 Hosea, Hanania, Hasub, 24 Halohes, Phaleha, Sobek, 25 Rehum, Hasebna, Maasia, 26 Ahia, Hanan, & Anan, 27 Malluch, Harim & Baana. 28 And the other people, the preastes, Leuites, porters, syngers, Nethinims, & all they that had separated them selues from the people in the landes vnto the lawe of God, wt their wiues, their sonnes, and their daughters, and as many as coulde vnderstonde, 29 & theyr lordes that had rule of them, receaued it for theyr brethren. And they came to sweare, and to bynde them selues with an ooth to walke in Gods lawe, whych was geuen by Moses the seruaunt of God, and that they wolde obserue & do accordynge vnto all the commaundementes, iudgementes & statutes of the Lord our God: 30 and that we wolde not geue oure daughters vnto the people in the londe, nether to take their daughters for our sonnes. 31 And yf the people of the lande broughte ware on the saboth, & all maner of vitayles to sell, that we wolde not take it of them on the saboth & on the holy dayes. and that we wolde let the seuenth yeare be fre, concernynge all maner of charge. 32 And we decreed a statute vpon oure selues to geue yearly the thyrde parte of a sycle to the mynistracion in the house of oure God, 33 to the shewbred, to the daylye meatofferynge, to the daylye burntofferynge of the sabothes, of the newe mones, and feast dayes, & to the thynges that were sanctifyed, & to the offerynges of attonement, to reconcyle Israel wyth all, and to all the busynes in the house of oure God. 34 And we cast the lot amonge the preastes, Leuites and the people, for offerynge of the wood to be brought vnto the house of or God from yeare to yeare, after the houses of oure fathers that it myght be brent at tymes appoynted, vpon the aultare of the Lorde God, as it is wrytten in the lawe: 35 and to bryng the fyrstlinges of oure land, & the fyrstlynges of oure frutes of all trees, yeare by yeare, vnto the house of the Lorde: 36 and the fyrstlinges of oure sonnes, and of oure catell, as it is wrytten in the lawe: and the fyrstlinges of oure oxen & of oure shepe, whych we shulde bring to the house of oure God, vnto the preastes that mynister in the house of oure God: 37 and that we shuld bryng the fyrstlynges of oure dowgh, and of oure heueofferynges, and the frutes of all maner of trees, of wyne also and of oyle, vnto the preastes to the chestes of the house of oure God. And the tythes of our lande vnto the Leuites, that the Leuytes myght haue the tithes in all the cyties of oure minystracyon. 38 And the preast the sonne of Aaron shall wyth the Leuites haue also of the tithes of the Leuites, so that the Leuites shal brynge vp the tythes of theyr tithes vnto the house of oure God, to the store houses and to the treasure houses. 39 For the chyldren of Israel & the chyldren of Leui shall brynge vp the heueofferynges of the corne, wyne and oyle vnto the store houses, there as are the vessels of the sanctuary, and the preastes that minister, & the porters and syngers, that we forsake not the house of oure God.