Great(i) 1 In the firste yere of Cyrus kynge of Persia (that the word of the Lord spoken by the mouth of Ieremy might be fulfilled) the Lord stered vp the spret of Cyrus kynge of Persia, that he caused to be proclaymed thorow out all hys empire, & to be wryten, saying: 2 Thus sayth Cirus the kynge of Persia: The Lorde God of heauen hath geuen me all the kyngdomes of the earth, and hath commaunded me to buylde hym an house at Ierusalem which is in Iuda. 3 Whosoeuer now among you is of his people, the Lorde his God be with hym, and let him go vp to Ierusalem in Iuda, & builde the house of the Lorde God of Israell. He is the God that is at Ierusalem. 4 And whosouer remayneth yet in eny maner of place (where he is a straunger) let the men of that place helpe hym wt syluer and golde, with good & catell, besyde that which they wyllyngly offer, for the house of God that is at Ierusalem. 5 Then gat vp the principal fathers of Iuda and Beniamin, & the prestes & leuites, and all they whose sprete God had raysed to go vp, & to buylde the house of the Lord, which is at Ierusalem. 6 And al they that were about them strengthed their hand, wt vessels of syluer, & golde, with good and catell, & Iewels: in so moch that euery one shewed hym selfe liberall. 7 And kyng Cyrus brought forth the vessels of the house of the Lord, which Nabuchodonosor had taken out of Ierusalem, and had put in the house of his God. 8 Those dyd Cyrus the kyng of Persia bryng forth by the hande of Mithridates the treasurer, and nombred them vnto Sesbazar the prince of Iuda. 9 And this is the nombre of them .xxx. chargers of gold .M. chargers of syluer .xxix. knyues 10 .xxx. basens of gold and of other siluer basens .iiij.C. & .x. & of other vessels: .M. 11 All the vessels of gold and syluer, were .v.M. and .iiij.C. All these dyd Sesbazar carye awaye with them that came vp oute of the captyuite of Babylon vnto Ierusalem.