H5411 נתוּן נתיןo - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

נתוּן נתין o
nâthı̂yn nâthûn
naw-theen', naw-thoon'
The second form is the proper form, as passive participle; from H5414; one given, that is, (in the plural only) the Nethinim, or Temple Servants (as given up to that duty)

KJV Usage: Nethinims.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


נתוּן נתיןo

1. Nethinims
a. temple slaves assigned to the Levites and priests for service in the sanctuary
Origin: from H5414
TWOT: 1443a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

temple servant
1) Nethinims
1a) temple slaves assigned to the Levites and priests for service in the sanctuary

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17 occurrences of H5411 נתוּן נתיןo

1 Chronicles 9:2 and the Nethinims.
Ezra 2:43 The Nethinims:
Ezra 2:58 All the Nethinims,
Ezra 2:70 and the Nethinims,
Ezra 7:7 and the Nethinims,
Ezra 8:17 the Nethinims,
Ezra 8:20 Also of the Nethinims,
Ezra 8:20 Nethinims:
Nehemiah 3:26 Moreover the Nethinims
Nehemiah 3:31 of the Nethinims,
Nehemiah 7:46 The Nethinims:
Nehemiah 7:60 All the Nethinims,
Nehemiah 7:73 and the Nethinims,
Nehemiah 10:28 the Nethinims,
Nehemiah 11:3 and the Nethinims,
Nehemiah 11:21 But the Nethinims
Nehemiah 11:21 were over the Nethinims.

Distinct usage

4 and the Nethinims,
2 the Nethinims,
2 The Nethinims:
2 All the Nethinims,
1 and the Nethinims.
1 Also of the Nethinims,
1 Nethinims:
1 Moreover the Nethinims
1 of the Nethinims,
1 But the Nethinims
1 were over the Nethinims.

Corresponding Greek Words

netinim G1325 didomi *

Related words


H5412 נתין ne thı̂yn
ne thı̂yn
(Chaldee); corresponding to H5411

KJV Usage: Nethinims.

H5414 נתן nâthan

A primitive root; to give, used with great latitude of application (put, make, etc.)

KJV Usage: add, apply, appoint, ascribe, assign, X avenge, X be ([healed]), bestow, bring (forth, hither), cast, cause, charge, come, commit consider, count, + cry, deliver (up), direct, distribute do, X doubtless, X without fail, fasten, frame, X get, give (forth, over, up), grant, hang (up), X have, X indeed, lay (unto charge, up), (give) leave, lend, let (out), + lie, lift up, make, + O that, occupy, offer, ordain, pay, perform, place, pour, print, X pull, put (forth), recompense, render, requite, restore, send (out), set (forth), shew, shoot forth (up). + sing, + slander, strike, [sub-] mit, suffer, X surely, X take, thrust, trade, turn, utter, + weep, X willingly, + withdraw, + would (to) God, yield.

H494 אלנתן 'elnâthân
From H410 and H5414; God (is the) giver; Elnathan, the name of four Israelites

KJV Usage: Elnathan.

H3083 יהונתן ye hônâthân
ye hônâthân
From H3068 and H5414; Jehovah-given; Jehonathan, the name of four Israelites

KJV Usage: Jonathan.

Compare H3129.

H4976 מתּן mattân
From H5414; a present

KJV Usage: gift, to give, reward.

H5415 נתן ne than
ne than
(Chaldee); corresponding to H5414; give

KJV Usage: bestow, give, pay.

H5416 נתן nâthân
From H5414; given; Nathan, the name of five Israelites

KJV Usage: Nathan.

H5417 נתנאל ne than'êl
ne than'êl
From H5414 and H410; given of God; Nethanel, the name of ten Israelites

KJV Usage: Nethaneel.

H5418 נתניהוּ נתניה ne thanyâh ne thanyâhû
נתניהוּ נתניה
ne thanyâh ne thanyâhû
neth-an-yaw', neth-an-yaw'-hoo
From H5414 and H3050; given of Jah; Nethanjah, the name of four Israelites

KJV Usage: Nethaniah.

H5419 נתן־מלך ne than - melek
ne than - melek
neth-an' meh'-lek
From H5414 and H4428; given of (the) king; Nethan-Melek, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Nathan-melech.