H5410 נתבה נתיבה נתיב - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

נתבה נתיבה נתיב
nâthı̂yb ne thı̂ybâh ne thibâh
naw-theeb', neth-ee-baw', neth-ee-baw'
From an unused root meaning to tramp; a (beaten) track

KJV Usage: path ([-way]), X travel [-er], way.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


נתבה נתיבה נתיב

1. trodden with the feet, path, pathway
2. path, pathway, traveller
Origin: from an unused root meaning to tramp
TWOT: 1440a,1440b
Parts of Speech: Noun

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26 occurrences of H5410 נתבה נתיבה נתיב

Judges 5:6 through byways.
Job 18:10 for him in the way.
Job 19:8 in my paths.
Job 24:13 in its paths.
Job 28:7 There is a path
Job 30:13 my path,
Job 38:20 the paths
Job 41:32 He maketh a path
Psalms 78:50 a way
Psalms 119:35 in the path
Psalms 119:105 to my path.
Psalms 142:3 my path.
Proverbs 1:15 from their path:
Proverbs 3:17 and all her paths
Proverbs 7:25 in her paths.
Proverbs 8:2 of the paths.
Proverbs 8:20 of the paths
Proverbs 12:28 and in the pathway
Isaiah 42:16 them in paths
Isaiah 43:16 and a path
Isaiah 58:12 of paths
Isaiah 59:8 paths:
Jeremiah 6:16 paths,
Jeremiah 18:15 in paths,
Lamentations 3:9 he hath made my paths
Hosea 2:6 her paths.

Distinct usage

1 through byways.
1 in my paths.
1 in its paths.
1 There is a path
1 the paths
1 He maketh a path
1 in the path
1 to my path.
1 my path.
1 from their path:
1 and all her paths
1 of the paths.
1 of the paths
1 and in the pathway
1 and a path
1 paths:
1 in paths,
1 he hath made my paths
1 her paths.
1 paths,
1 a way
1 my path,
1 for him in the way.
1 of paths
1 them in paths
1 in her paths.

Corresponding Greek Words

nativ G5147 tribos
netivah G3598 hodos

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