Job 7

  1 H6635 Is there not an appointed time H582 to man H776 upon earth? H3117 are not his days H3117 also like the days H7916 of an hireling?
  2 H5650 As a servant H7602 [H8799] earnestly desireth H6738 the shadow, H7916 and as an hireling H6960 [H8762] looketh H6467 for the reward of his work:
  3 H5157 [H8717] So am I made to possess H3391 months H7723 of vanity, H5999 and wearisome H3915 nights H4487 [H8765] are appointed to me.
  4 H7901 [H8804] When I lie down, H559 [H8804] I say, H6965 [H8799] When shall I arise, H6153 and the night H4059 be gone? H7646 [H8804] and I am full H5076 of tossings to and fro H5399 to the dawning of the day.
  5 H1320 My flesh H3847 [H8804] is clothed H7415 with worms H1487 and clods H6083 of dust; H5785 my skin H7280 [H8804] is broken, H3988 [H8735] and become loathsome.
  6 H3117 My days H7043 [H8804] are swifter H708 than a weaver's shuttle, H3615 [H8799] and are spent H657 without H8615 hope.
  7 H2142 [H8798] O remember H2416 that my life H7307 is a spirit: H5869 my eye H7725 [H8799] shall no more H7200 [H8800] see H2896 good.
  8 H5869 The eye H7210 of him that hath seen H7789 [H8799] me shall see H5869 me no more: thy eyes are upon me, and I am not.
  9 H6051 As the cloud H3615 [H8804] is consumed H3212 [H8799] and vanisheth away: H3381 [H8802] so he that goeth down H7585 to the grave H5927 [H8799] shall come up no more.
  10 H7725 [H8799] He shall return H1004 no more to his house, H4725 neither shall his place H5234 [H8686] know him any more.
  11 H2820 [H8799] Therefore I will not restrain H6310 my mouth; H1696 [H8762] I will speak H6862 in the anguish H7307 of my spirit; H7878 [H8799] I will complain H4751 in the bitterness H5315 of my breath.
  12 H3220 Am I a sea, H8577 or a whale, H7760 [H8799] that thou settest H4929 a watch over me?
  13 H559 [H8804] When I say, H6210 My bed H5162 [H8762] shall comfort H4904 me, my couch H5375 [H8799] shall ease H7879 my complaint;
  14 H2865 [H8765] Then thou scarest H2472 me with dreams, H1204 [H8762] and terrifiest H2384 me through visions:
  15 H5315 So that my breath H977 [H8799] chooseth H4267 strangling, H4194 and death H6106 rather than my life.
  16 H3988 [H8804] I loathe H2421 [H8799] it; I would not live H5769 always: H2308 [H8798] let me alone; H3117 for my days H1892 are vanity.
  17 H582 What is man, H1431 [H8762] that thou shouldest magnify H7896 [H8799] him? and that thou shouldest set H3820 thy heart upon him?
  18 H6485 [H8799] And that thou shouldest visit H1242 him every morning, H974 [H8799] and try H7281 him every moment?
  19 H4100 How long H8159 [H8799] wilt thou not gaze away H7503 [H8686] from me, nor let me alone H1104 [H8800] till I swallow H7536 my spittle?
  20 H2398 [H8804] I have sinned; H6466 [H8799] what shall I do H5341 [H8802] to thee, O thou preserver H120 of men? H7760 [H8804] why hast thou set H4645 me as a mark H4853 against thee, so that I am a burden to myself?
  21 H5375 [H8799] And why dost thou not lift up H6588 my revolt, H5674 [H8686] and take away H5771 my perversity? H7901 [H8799] for now shall I sleep H6083 in the dust; H7836 [H8765] and thou shalt seek me in the morning, but I shall not be.