Job 6

  1 H347 But Job H6030 [H8799] answered H559 [H8799] and said,
  2 H3863 O that H3708 my vexation H8254 [H8800] were thoroughly H8254 [H8735] weighed, H1942 H1962 [H8675] and my engulfing ruin H5375 [H8799] laid H3976 in the balances H3162 together!
  3 H3513 [H8799] For now it would be heavier H2344 than the sand H3220 of the sea: H1697 therefore my words H3886 [H8804] are swallowed up.
  4 H3588 For H2671 the arrows H7706 of the Almighty H5978 are within H9030 me, H2534 the poison H834 of which H8354 [H8802] drinketh up H9020 my H7307 spirit: H1161 the terrors H433 of God H6186 [H8799] set themselves in array H9030 against me.
  5 H6501 Doth the wild donkey H5101 [H8799] bray H1877 when he hath grass? H1600 [H8799] or loweth H7794 the ox H1098 over his fodder?
  6 H8602 Can that which is unsavoury H398 [H8735] be eaten H4417 without salt? H3426 or is there H2940 any taste H7388 in the white H2495 of an egg?
  7 H5315 The things that my breath H3985 [H8765] refused H5060 [H8800] to touch H1741 are as my loathsome H3899 food.
  8 H935 [H8799] O that I might have H7596 my request; H433 and that God H5414 [H8799] would give H8615 me the thing that I long for!
  9 H2974 [H8686] Even that it would please H433 God H1792 [H8762] to crush H5425 [H8686] me; that he would let loose H3027 his hand, H1214 [H8762] and cut me off!
  10 H5165 Then should I yet have comfort; H5539 [H8762] yea, I would harden H2427 myself in sorrow: H2550 [H8799] let him not spare; H3582 [H8765] for I have not concealed H561 the words H6918 of the Holy One.
  11 H3581 What is my strength, H3176 [H8762] that I should hope? H7093 and what is my end, H748 [H8686] that I should prolong H5315 my life?
  12 H3581 Is my strength H3581 the strength H68 of stones? H1320 or is my flesh H5153 of brass?
  13 H5833 Is not my help H8454 in me? and is success H5080 [H8738] driven quite from me?
  14 H4523 To him that is fainting H2617 mercy H7453 should be shown from his friend; H5800 [H8799] but he forsaketh H3374 the fear H7706 of the Almighty.
  15 H251 My brethren H898 [H8804] have dealt treacherously H5158 as a brook, H650 and as the stream H5158 of brooks H5674 [H8799] they pass away;
  16 H6937 [H8802] Which are blackish H7140 by reason of the ice, H7950 and in which the snow H5956 [H8691] is hid:
  17 H6256 In the time when H2215 [H8792] they become warm, H6789 [H8738] they are extirpated: H2527 when it is hot, H1846 [H8738] they are consumed out H4725 of their place.
  18 H734 The paths H1870 of their way H3943 [H8735] are turned aside; H5927 [H8799] they go H8414 to nothing, H6 [H8799] and perish.
  19 H734 The troops H8485 of Tema H5027 [H8689] looked, H1979 the companies H7614 of Sheba H6960 [H8765] waited for them.
  20 H954 [H8804] They were pale H982 [H8804] because they had hoped; H935 [H8804] they came H2659 [H8799] there, and were ashamed.
  21 H7200 [H8799] For now ye are nothing; ye see H2866 my casting down, H3372 [H8799] and are afraid.
  22 H559 [H8804] Did I say, H3051 [H8798] Bring H7809 [H8798] to me? or, Give a reward H3581 for me of your substance?
  23 H4422 [H8761] Or, Deliver H6862 me from the enemy's H3027 hand? H6299 [H8799] or, Ransom H3027 me from the hand H6184 of the mighty?
  24 H3384 [H8685] Teach H2790 [H8686] me, and I will hold my tongue: H995 [H8685] and cause me to understand H7686 [H8804] how I have strayed.
  25 H4834 [H8738] How forcible H3476 are right H561 words! H3198 [H8687] but what doth your arguing H3198 [H8686] reprove?
  26 H2803 [H8799] Do ye imagine H3198 [H8687] to reprove H4405 words, H561 and the speeches H2976 [H8737] of one that is desperate, H7307 which are as wind?
  27 H5307 [H8686] Yea, ye overwhelm H3490 the fatherless, H3738 [H8799] and ye dig a pit H7453 for your friend.
  28 H2974 [H8685] Now therefore be content, H6437 [H8798] look H6440 upon me; for it is evident H3576 [H8762] to you if I lie.
  29 H7725 [H8798] Return, H5766 I pray you, let it not be distortion; H7725 [H8798] yea, return again, H6664 my righteousness is in it.
  30 H3426 Is there H5766 distortion H3956 in my tongue? H2441 cannot the roof of my mouth H995 [H8799] discern H1942 desire?