H3708 כּעשׂ כּעס - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

כּעשׂ כּעס
ka‛as ka‛aś
kah'-as, kah'-as
From H3707; vexation

KJV Usage: anger, angry, grief, indignation, provocation, provoking, X sore, sorrow, spite, wrath.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


כּעשׂ כּעס

1. anger, vexation, provocation, grief
a. vexation
1. of men
2. of God
b. vexation, grief, frustration
Origin: from H3707
TWOT: 1016a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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25 occurrences of H3708 כּעשׂ כּעס

Deuteronomy 32:19 them, because of the vexing
Deuteronomy 32:27 the vexation
1 Samuel 1:6 her greatly,
1 Samuel 1:16 and vexation
1 Kings 15:30 by his vexation
1 Kings 21:22 for the vexation
2 Kings 23:26 because of all the vexations
Job 5:2 For vexation
Job 6:2 my vexation
Job 10:17 thy vexation
Job 17:7 by reason of vexation,
Psalms 6:7 because of vexation;
Psalms 10:14 and vexation,
Psalms 31:9 with vexation,
Psalms 85:4 and cause thy vexation
Proverbs 12:16 vexation
Proverbs 17:25 is a vexation
Proverbs 21:19 and a vexatious
Proverbs 27:3 vexation
Ecclesiastes 1:18 vexation:
Ecclesiastes 2:23 vexation;
Ecclesiastes 7:3 Vexation
Ecclesiastes 7:9 for vexation
Ecclesiastes 11:10 vexation
Ezekiel 20:28 the vexation

Distinct usage

4 Vexation
2 for vexation
2 the vexation
1 and a vexatious
1 and cause thy vexation
1 thy vexation
1 by reason of vexation,
1 by his vexation
1 for the vexation
1 and vexation
1 my vexation
1 is a vexation
1 vexation:
1 vexation;
1 them, because of the vexing
1 because of all the vexations
1 her greatly,
1 and vexation,
1 because of vexation;
1 with vexation,

Corresponding Greek Words

kaas G1108 gnosis
kaas G2372 thumos
kaas G3709 orge
kaas G3709 orge
kaas G3711 orgilos
kaas G3950 par orgismos

Related words


H3707 כּעס ka‛as

A primitive root; to trouble; by implication to grieve, rage, be indignant

KJV Usage: be angry, be grieved, take indignation, provoke (to anger, unto wrath), have sorrow, vex, be wroth.