H347 איּוב - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H340; hated (that is, persecuted); Ijob, the patriarch famous for his patience

KJV Usage: Job.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


Job = "hated"
1. a patriarch, the subject of the book of Job
Origin: from H340
TWOT: 78b
Parts of Speech: Proper Name Masculine

Job = "hated"
1) a patriarch, the subject of the book of Job

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First 30 of 58 occurrences of H347 איּוב

Job 1:1 was Job;
Job 1:5 that Job
Job 1:5 of them all: for Job
Job 1:5 Job
Job 1:8 Job,
Job 1:9 Doth Job
Job 1:14 to Job,
Job 1:20 Then Job
Job 1:22 In all this Job
Job 2:3 Job,
Job 2:7 Job
Job 2:10 In all this did not Job
Job 2:11 Now when Job's
Job 3:1 this Job
Job 3:2 And Job
Job 6:1 But Job
Job 9:1 Then Job
Job 12:1 And Job
Job 16:1 Then Job
Job 19:1 Then Job
Job 21:1 But Job
Job 23:1 Then Job
Job 26:1 But Job
Job 27:1 Moreover Job
Job 29:1 Moreover Job
Job 31:40 of Job
Job 32:1 Job,
Job 32:2 against Job
Job 32:3 Job.
Job 32:4 till Job

Distinct usage

9 Job
7 Job,
7 Then Job
3 But Job
3 Job.
2 to Job,
2 this Job
2 And Job
2 Moreover Job
2 of Job
2 and Job,
1 was Job;
1 that Job
1 of them all: for Job
1 Doth Job
1 In all this Job
1 In all this did not Job
1 Now when Job's
1 till Job
1 For Job
1 is like Job,
1 Therefore doth Job
1 of Job:
1 So Job
1 against Job
1 of Job,
1 to this, O Job:
1 O Job,

Related words


G2492 Ἰώβ
Of Hebrew origin [H347]; Job (that is, Ijob), a patriarch

KJV Usage: Job.

H340 איב 'âyab

A primitive root; to hate (as one of an opposite tribe or party); hence to be hostile

KJV Usage: be an enemy.

H341 אויב איב 'ôyêb 'ôyêb
אויב איב
'ôyêb 'ôyêb
o-yabe', o-yabe'
Active participle of H340; hating; an adversary

KJV Usage: enemy, foe.

H342 איבה 'êybâh
From H340; hostility

KJV Usage: enmity, hatred.

H8374 תּאב tâ'ab
A primitive root (probably rather identical with H8373 through the idea of puffing disdainfully at; compare H340); to loathe (morally)

KJV Usage: abhor.