Job 1:5

  5 H3117 And it was so, when the days H4960 of their feasting H5362 [H8689] were ended, H347 that Job H7971 [H8799] sent H6942 [H8762] and sanctified H7925 [H8689] them, and rose early H1242 in the morning, H5927 [H8689] and offered H5930 burnt offerings H4557 according to the number H347 of them all: for Job H559 [H8804] said, H194 It may be H1121 that my sons H2398 [H8804] have sinned, H1288 [H8765] and cursed H430 God H3824 in their hearts. H6213 [H8799] Thus did H347 Job H3117 continually.