Job 42:8

  8 H3947 [H8798] Therefore take H7651 to you now seven H6499 bulls H7651 and seven H352 rams H3212 [H8798] , and go H5650 to my servant H347 Job H5927 [H8689] , and offer H5930 for yourselves a burnt offering H5650 ; and my servant H347 Job H6419 [H8691] shall pray H6440 for you: for him H5375 [H8799] will I accept H6213 [H8800] : lest I deal H5039 with you after your folly H1696 [H8765] , in that ye have not spoken H3559 [H8737] of me the thing which is right H5650 , like my servant H347 Job.