Job 1:5

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  5 H1961 ויהי And it was H3588 כי so, when H5362 הקיפו were gone about, H3117 ימי the days H4960 המשׁתה of feasting H7971 וישׁלח sent H347 איוב that Job H6942 ויקדשׁם and sanctified H7925 והשׁכים them, and rose up early H1242 בבקר in the morning, H5927 והעלה and offered H5930 עלות burnt offerings H4557 מספר to the number H3605 כלם of them all: H3588 כי for H559 אמר said, H347 איוב Job H194 אולי It may be H2398 חטאו have sinned, H1121 בני that my sons H1288 וברכו and cursed H430 אלהים God H3824 בלבבם in their hearts. H3602 ככה Thus H6213 יעשׂה did H347 איוב Job H3605 כל continually. H3117 הימים׃ continually.